Jayasuriya goes to parliament while playing for Air Force

By Namal Pathirage

Former Sri Lankan cricketer, now Member of Parliament Sanath Jayasuriya went to attend a parliament meeting while playing for Air Force in the Premier League Inter-Club Tournament. Umpires and match referees are considering the illegality of a player being released while the match is being played.

Jayasuriya opened the batting in the 1st innings and soon after he got out he has requested the umpires from releasing him to attend the parliament meeting. So the umpires contacted the match referee of the game, the match referee had nothing to say, so the matter was taken to SLC.

However soon after finishing his so called parliament meeting, he rushed to the grounds to bat in the second innings of the match. Nevertheless the umpires had advised him to bat after the 5th wicket of the team had fallen.

Expert cricket officials and umpires have criticized it as illegal for Jayasuriya to re-enter the game, while abandoning the team and going away while the match is in progress.

As in the laws of cricket, a player could only be released from playing or going out of the grounds if the player is un-well or injured or for a valid reason only, as Jayasuriya knew about the parliament meeting even before playing the match, releasing him for that reason while the match is being played, is illegal and breach of conduct, umpires and match referees have stated.

Umpires have pointed out," including a substitute fielder for Jayasuriya soon after he left the field and giving him the opportunity to bat at the fall of the 5th wicket" as illegal in the game of cricket, and when the match referee consulted the SLC office, information was provided by a personnel who is unrelated to the subject matter.

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