Jayasuriya cause of Marsh sacking

Three years ago, when Sanath Jayasuriya was dropped from the Sri Lankan team, and he subsequently scored a century in IPL, he appealed to president Mahinda Rajapaksa and was reinstated and Upul Tharanga, who had been selected, was displaced.

Thereby, Tharanga had to start again from square one. Never in history has this happened. That was the start of political interference in the affairs of SL cricket. Sanath again tried to get into the WC team but in spite of mediocre form tried to use influence but Kumar and Mahela vehemently opposed his inclusion.

Then again last year, he used politics to play in just one ODI match as a farewell. This disrupted the balance of the team again. He used his infuence to include his choices of selectors and created a surprise by naming Kandamby as vice captain.

Now he is trying to oust Kumar and Mahela from the team. Now he wants Graham Ford, who was his coach in South Africa, to be SL coach. As a result, he got Marsh ousted as coach which is a crime. Marsh was just findng his bearings and Sanath is again the disrupter.

There will be ramifications from Australians at the unfair treatment to Marsh. The latest is, Tennekoon too will be sacked as Sanath wants Duleep as manager. All these ills have repercussions on SL cricket, which has as sports minister a nincompoop, incompetent, knowledge in cricket zero individual.

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