It’s tough to lose but …

But don’t you think, if we had to lose, it would be nice to lose to certain teams rather than others? Those gentle giants from the Caribbean were gracious winners and what is more they assured us in the gentlest way that there were going to win! Remember Gayle at the semi final stage saying, “Sorry Sri Lanka but this trophy is ours”? Also there aren’t too many of these guys around in our offices (this applies to all over the world where Sri Lankans’ work). Just imagine if we lost to the Aussies or heaven forbid the INDIANS!

This writer for one is not too young or cocky to remember a time when Lanka had just entered the International cricketing arena and had to face the likes of Roberts, Garner, Holding and Croft in their prime. I know for a fact that those cricketing legends didn’t go too hard on our boys after they had removed the top order and made sure of victory. I have personal anecdotes of a dear friend who was slotted to go in at no3 against Windies in those days, who called me from an overseas destination (at an ungodly hour) with pure relief in his voice informing me “Machang it is raining here and the match is called off”!

There is no aspersion of cowardice or even the slightest hint of lack of that person’s ability to do the job but that was the difference in class in those days and it was never fun to hear the “chin music” of the leather ball whizzing past your unprotected head.

I don’t wish to sound patronizing either for how could a humble cricketing nation of our stature ever patronize the land of Weekes, Worrel and Walcott, just to name a few of the legends and a fraction of the cricketing history that is the West Indies? I have read elsewhere that this victory would give a tremendous boost to cricket in the Islands and do what our world cup victory in 1996 did for cricket in this Country.

Why not look at it as an honor to be part of such resurgence in cricket in a land that has given us so many great players and brought so much joy to the cricket lover?

So cheer up fellow Lankans’! It’s tough to lose but to lose to the likes of Gayle and Samuels, the Bravos’ and the leadership of a great skipper in Samy is not a disgrace it is almost an honor and certainly a service to the great game of cricket.

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