Its do or die for Sangakkara and Jayawardene at the IPL


Kings XI Punjab have nine more games left at the DLF-Indian Premier League 2010 to go from the bottom of the points table into semi-final contention. They must win six games to even stand a chance, and with each loss the chances of making that semi-final appears distant for Sangakkara’s men.

At the same stage last season – under Yuvraj Singh – the Mohali team had secured three wins and lost two matches. This year they have managed just one win from five games. Kings XI Punjab (KEP) eventually finished the 2009 leg of the tournament with seven wins and seven losses, and finished fifth in the points table.

Under Sangakkara’s leadership they still stand a chance of equalling, or even bettering last year’s performance, but the manner in which they have been playing recently, it seems unlikely.

KEP is forking out $700,000/year on Sangakkara and $475,000/year on Jayawardene. Although it’s nowhere near the $925,000 they are paying for Irfan Pathan (I know! What were they thinking??) it’s still a pretty hefty price to pay for two key batsman in your side who have not had a significant impact in 2008, 2009, and now their final year with the franchise.

Sangakkara In 2009 Sangakkara averaged 30.18 and scored just two half centuries in 13 knocks. Jayawardene made one half century in ten knocks the same year. The inaugural year didn’t look any better. Jayawardene managed to score 179 runs in 12 innings (ave. 25.57) and Sangakkara finished with an average of 35.55. Now compare that with Shaun Marsh’s average of 68.44 and 616 runs in the same year!

It’s pretty clear that the two batsmen from Sri Lanka have failed at this whole Indian Premier League thing and they have all but nine games to prove their worth. On the line for the two is contracts for the next three years.

In 2008 the inaugural auction and contracts secured players for a term of three years. If Jayawardene and Sangakkara have nothing to show for in the last three years, it’s doubtful any franchise would want to bid on their services. Next season we are told that we will see a new auction and a total reshuffle. It’s somehow hard to see Tendulkar playing for any team other than Mumbai, so is it realistic to expect a free and fair auction then?


It would be ironic to see Sangakkara and Jayawardene pleading for more Test matches for Sri Lanka once the IPL no longer wants them. It was after all the duo who created a ruccus over representing Sri Lanka on a tour to England for a Test and ODI series in 2009. All because they wanted their large pay packets from Punjab.

Despite loosing four games and sitting at the bottom of the points table, and despite having the likes of Adrian Barath (who comes highly recommended by Brian Lara) sitting on the bench, Sangakkara says he wont be making any major changes.

Here is a quote from ESPNSTAR,

I think the personnel we have at the moment are good enough to do it as long as they keep preparing well, Sangakkara said.

But rather than just changing personnel we have a lot of thinking to do and we need to take a good look at ourselves and how we play the game.

We also have to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities. We are still a very good team and we have a lot of excellent players in there, but we need to go out and win.

I still think we can go forward to the semi-finals.

There is one thing we know for sure. Despite all the fancy talk Sangakkara will not drop his pal Mahela Jayawardene. He hasn’t done it as captain of Sri Lanka when Jayawardena continued to fail in ODI cricket. With his comment above he has now made it clear that it wont happen at the IPL. However, unlike the one man selection panel (Ashantha De Mel) in Sri Lanka, the KEP franchise will not tolerate these failures for much longer in hope that they may come good some day.

Photo: © Kings XI Punjab.


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  1. Hey Ryan you are a village
    Hey Ryan you are a village ***** man. If you don’t know about cricket please stop talking about it. Sanga was one of leading run scorers in 2008 version. Don’t try to compare Marsh’s average with Mahela. Mahela comes at number 5. Marsh is opening. In t20 naturally openers have better chance of scoring. 200% sure these two will get another contracts in the next year. Can’t you remember that Sanga scored a 78 against India in 37. He is a leading batsman in any format. Maybe you are jealous with this great cricketers from SL. If so don’t watch them play man.

    – Please refrain from calling users/bloggers/staff unwanted names.

    • Yeah…come off it ****. Ryan
      Yeah…come off it ****. Ryan is right. No matter how you try to justify it you cant hide the fact that in 3 years both of them have done nothing.

  2. Spot on Ryan. Spot on. Mahela
    Spot on Ryan. Spot on. Mahela will be dropped next game. That KXI team looks pathetic. Mahela should either open or never play.

    Sanga is lucky he’s captain. Only reason he’ll play. But other than that. There is really no other reason for the Management to keep him in this team.

    You’re right. Unless Sanga pulls off a miracle in this IPL, I doubt he and Jayawardena are going to picked up by other teams going forth.

    a Damn Shame!

  3. I think they will still fetch
    I think they will still fetch a good price in next year’s auction. They are both talented players who can win games with their own performances.

    It’s going to be an interesting auction. I really can’t see how some players will be given up by their franchises.

    BTW Ryan this post will be on this weekend’s Sunday Leader.

  4. what an absurd article. If
    what an absurd article. If you followed 2008 and 2009 IPL, then you should know that sanga was one of their leading scores..Besides, if he hadn’t done anything for the team in the previous editions, why on earth would they appoint him as captain? Fortunately, priety Zinta and Co isn’t as stupid as you are.
    And Shame on Sunday leader. It’s sad that Sri Lanka doesnt have good enough journalists and that all the sunday newspapers have to go around the net copying 3rd class biased articles like these!!

  5. Sanga was the 2nd best batter
    Sanga was the 2nd best batter in the Kings XI team in 2008 and he Averaged and impressive 51 with the bat in the 7 matches that Kings XI won in the 2009 season. Basically Sanga was the one man batting show for Kings XI Punjab in 2009 because when Sanga did well Kings XI won and when he failed Kings XI lost.

    In both 2008 and 2009 It was a man of the match winning performance by Sanga that got the Kings XI off to their first wins of the season.

    In the 7 Matches that Kings XI Punjab won in 2009 Sanga was the man of the match twice and Mahela was the man of the match twice.

    Why would someone be so stupid as to come up with such a non-sensical article in a futile and desperate bid to distort facts and discredit Sanga and Mahela?

    Were you refused an autograph or didn’t they pose for a picture with you. You sound like a disgruntled kid who is looking to throw his toys from his pram everytime he hears the name Sanga or Mahela.

    Grow up dude and get a life!

  6. It is shocking to note how
    It is shocking to note how factually incorrect ridiculous articles with distorted facts and figures like the one above are given the go ahead to be published in Sri Lankan newspapers.

    A pathetic and sad state of affairs indeed!

  7. You have to have serious
    You have to have serious mental issues if you think I would want to discredit any Sri Lankan. I am a Sri Lankan and a fan of both Sangakkar and Mahela. If you don’t want to accept facts, that’s your call. But KEP won’t miss any of the stats when they do their research.

    If Sangakkara and Mahela don’t realise they have nine matches to prove themselves, it’s going to be their loss as well as ours. I want to see them play and play well.

  8. Dude averages 35 in t20 means
    Dude averages 35 in t20 means is good. Winning matches he averaged 51. That i swhat he is talking about.

    It’s really stupid to talk over and over again about that Engaland tour. Players were not sure what is going to happened with Arjuna. If he stayed for 10 years and block them playing in IPL for ever. It’s all misunderstanding. In the future if one series going to coinside with IPL i am sure players will play for country. They missed contracts of BigBash t20 in Aust. Without complaining all of them played for country. Dude Sanath also voiced his opinion very heavily regrding that england tour. Why don’t u critizise him.? Do you know he has asked permission from SLC to play in ICL. Give him 2 months leave. Then Indian board informed there is offcial version coming up with the backing with BCCI. Why don’t you write about Sanath’s political influence, His low level acts of contesting in election while playing etc

  9. @Anonymous
    why are you


    why are you getting all defensive about Mahela and Sanga? This article is clearly about the Kings XI and the lankan players in it. And not about Sanath Jayasuriya. I think there is already an article on that.

    But anyway.. even though you think Sanga has done well in the past 2 IPL’s, I highly doubt the Kings XI franchise is gonna take a look at that because of all the money involved.

    IPL is not conventional cricket. Its based on a shit load of money. Money in, money out. Thats the name of the game. So your current status and form is what really matters to these franchises and not your past performances.

  10. Ryan how old are you? 6

    Ryan how old are you? 6

    The above article proved that you know jack shit about the game of cricket but now are you telling me that you cannot read as well?
    READ MY POST AGAIN Before throwing a tantrum.

    Sanga was the 2nd best batsman of the KINGS XI Punjab team in 2008 Avg nearly 36 with the bat and scoring 4 fifties in 10 matches. Check the bloody stats again before barking.

    I never said that Sanga AVG 51 in the IPL in 2009.

    I said that Sanga averaged 51 IN THE 7 GAMES THAT KINGS XI WON IN 2009!!! That itself completely negates the crap that you have come up with above when you said that Sanga has failed in the IPL. How the bloody hell can you claim that a batsman who was the 2nd best batsman in the team in 2008 and the man who was the team’s most consistent performer in the games that they won in 2009 be a failure in the IPL? Are you seriously a bit cuckoo?

    Sanga and Mahela together won 4 of the 7 games for Kings XI in 2009 and that is more than 50% of the Kings XI wins that season.
    Do you know that despite playing 5 games less than Yuvraj Singh (considered by many to be the of the best batters in T20 cricket) Sanga is just 1 run short being the highest run getter for the Kings XI Punjab side in all games since 2008?

    You come up with such bull shit and have the audacity to say that I skew the facts!

    If you have something personal against Sanga or Mahela feel free to bitch them until the cows come home. No one gives a damn. But don’t bull shit by coming up with crap like you have done above. Some of us know the game inside out and the day do you run into one of us you will be exposed. Make no mistake about that.

    • James, Sangakkara being the
      James, Sangakkara being the second best batsman in one season out of three still makes my argument look better than yours. Sanga and Mahela winning 4 games out of 7 in one season out of three makes it look even better.

      Nothing changes the fact that it IS do or die for them.

      Yeah, I’m the 6 year old who wants to “run in to you” to prove I know the “game inside out”.

  11. Ryan,
    In your absolute


    In your absolute rubbish of an article above you came up with crap and concluded that Sanga was a failure in the IPL and despite his franchise securing his contract for 3 years in 2008 he has nothing to show for it.

    In my response to the above I proved with FACTS without a shadow of doubt that your claim above was nothing but garbage because -:

    1/ Sanga was the second best batsman in the IPL season 1 in 2008 for Kings XI Punjab, scoring 4 fifties in 9 innings (from 10 matches) at an Avg of nearly 36.

    2/ Sanga was also the team’s most consistent batsman in the games won by Kings XI Punjab in 2009 when he averaged 51 with the bat in the 7 games that the Kings XI won in 2009.

    3/ In the 7 games that the Kings XI Punjab won in 2009 Sanga and Mahela combined to win 4 man of the match awards which means that the Sri Lankan pair were responsible for playing a key role in more than 50% of the wins secured by Kings XI Punjab in 2009.

    So Sanga in particular has more than justified his selection by the Kings XI owners by being their most consistent performer in the first two seasons.

    You can continue to sit in front of your computer like a disgruntled child and continue to throw toys out of your pram, thumping your chest every now and then.

    In the mean time anyone else with a reasonable level of intelligence that reads my comments in response to that crap you have posted above (in the garb of a cricketing article) will know that you have been pawned and exposed big time by me!


    • James,
      I’m not trying to get


      I’m not trying to get into a petty argument here. But your head is so up Sangakkara’s – you know what – that you are missing the point.

      For starters Sangakkara isn’t paid as much he is to score “4 fifties in 9 innings (from 10 matches) at an Avg of nearly 36.” He makes as much as he does because they want him to have a success rate of more than just 30%.

      Secondly, his average in matches that Kings Eleven won is a convenient way to mask his average for the whole season. It doesn’t change the fact that he averaged 30.18. Which is decent but the whole point I’m making is that for a combined $700,000/year on Sangakkara and $475,000/year on Mahela, they want more than two batsman who are playing just decently.

      They are looking for extraordinary performances for $1175000. You don’t need to be an expert in cricket or stats to understand this.

      BTW you should tone down on the insults. Just because you disagree with my opinion that doesn’t make anything “rubbish,” “crap,” or “garbage”.

      Who uses the word “pawned” anyway? I think I last heard my 16 year old cousin use it once. Ha ha! Thump thump!! There, that’s me thumping my chest because I’m soo disgruntled. Ha ha!!

  12. Mahela might lose his place.
    Mahela might lose his place. Sanga won’t. If Sanga didn’t do well last editions why appoint him as the captain.? No do or die situations for them. They will get contracts next time too.
    Sanath might not get. Contracts are for 3 years. Sanath will be 45 in his last year if he gets a contract.
    Dawan n Mclaren did well. Looks like curtains for old man. 😉

  13. Ok Ryan it seems that with
    Ok Ryan it seems that with each post of yours you are digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole (who’s I shall not ask)

    No need to throw a fit as it is my opinion that your article is rubbish and I’ll stand by it. If you write an article then you better have the (you know what) to receive other peoples comments / criticism as well especially when what you have written is factually incorrect. Next time before you begin to write an article, do a little bit of thinking and make sure you get your facts right.

    First and foremost 4 fifties in 9 innings is 44% and not 30%. We have already established that you know nothing about cricket, you cannot read and now what? you cannot count either? These are not personal attacks as I am merely highlighting the many incorrect statements that you seem to be making right from the original article.

    However, I never fail to give credit where its due and you are absolutely correct when you said that last season under Yuvraj Singh, Kings XI at this stage had already notched up three wins after losing their first two games. What you failed to mention and / or conveniently ignored was the fact that Sanga was the man of the match in 2 of those 3 wins.

    Mahela (arguably) has done well enough for a cricketer who was paid 475K and Sanga without a shadow of doubt has more than justified the money that he was paid.

    Are you another typical Sri Lankan burning with jealousy that Sanga and Mahela are making big money and hence, the reason for this bitterness? Take a chill pill dude cause at the rate you are going you might drop dead with a heart attack very soon.

    Given your warped logic, M.S Dhoni (who was paid more than double the amount that Sanga was paid) has been an absolute failure in the IPL as he scored only 74 runs more than Sanga in the IPL season 1 in 2008 despite batting in 5 innings more than Sanga and in IPL season 2 in 2009 he scored exactly the same amount of runs as Sanga.

    The same applies to Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag and a host of others and we could use your screwed up logic to deduce the same for many bowlers as well.

    So being the cricketing authority that you project yourself to be, if you claim that it is unlikely that any franchise would want to bid for Sanga next season based on his performance, then those players who were paid way more than Sanga like the ones mentioned above and performed either as well as him or worse are also unlikely to receive any bids from any franchises next year. This of course is the conclusion that we can come to based on your warped logic.

    What a bloody Joke!!!! Are for you real?

    Don’t let your personal issues with cricketers cloud your good judgement because that is clearly what has happened here.

    • I’m sorry, but I still feel
      I’m sorry, but I still feel that Sangakkara’s and Mahela’s performances over the last 3 years for Mohali is nothing special. If others have been over paid and if they too have under performed, then next year their performances too will be scrutinised and evaluated.

      It would be crazy for franchises to want to fork out big bucks for nothing.

      In your mind it may suffice when someone wins a man of the match award, or scores four 50s in nine innings, but I doubt it will fly with Sanga’s pay masters. Even according to Sanga’s own standards he has been well below par.

      What you don’t seem to understand is that 30% or 44% it’s all irrelevant. It isn’t 70% or 80%, around where it should be for the kind of money that he is making.

      That’s the point. Maybe this time you’ll get it.

      Let me explain, I am neither disgruntled, missing a Sangakkara autograph, jealous, nor do I have personal issues. It’s hilarious that you think that a cricket fan needs a reason to criticise your favourite player.

      I’m glad my post has generated a good debate. Thank you for the comments James it will help generate more interest in the post.

      Just remember this, at the end of this tournament it won’t matter if he won two man of the match awards in 2009, or if he was 44% successful. His over all record, over three years, will reveal his true worth.

  14. First let me thank Ryan for
    First let me thank Ryan for the article. I didn’t enjoy it, but it’s definitely an opinion. But it’s truly sad that this post is making into the printed media. It seems like Sri Lankan media (specially printed) are fond of superlative journalism where factual correctness and unbiased view is neglected over the “fantastic” nature of the content and the controversy. It’s the same for everything, not just Cricket.

    Kudos to James for making a stand against a pi**-poor attempt to salvage a clearly biased (to what end, I don’t know) post. You gave the correct stats and stood by it, when the original poster (unfortunately) was either not paying close attention or deliberately trying to skew the facts. I’ve seen these type of posts before in blogs section where someone just think they know better than the rest of us. Usually these posts tend to criticize a player or another personnel based on the preference of the poster with little, no or skewed statistics. I doubt some of these people are even attacking (can’t really call criticizing) people because they don’t his nose, hair or the fame and fortune.

    Jayasuriya running for election while playing; a concern. KXIP form in 2010 IPL; a concern. Interim committee; a concern. Board of selectors; a concern. Sang’s poor run as the national teams Captain; a concern. All these need attention, discussion, forum and mindshare. But these kind of superlative, fantastic cr*p has to go away, and the posters need to learn how to write properly. (Sorry, Ryan. Not a personal attack on you.)

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