It’s all about the IPL

The IPL. And Sri Lanka.

In 5 short years the IPL has managed to polarize the whole fan base of Sri Lankan cricket.

We have the anti-IPL brigade who are willing to perpetuate, blindly at times, what a curse the IPL has been and how it has corroded the Sri Lankan players moral compass and sold themselves to the dollar bill.

Then there are the ones that are sympathetic to the players cause and their right to earn their keep while at the prime of their sporting being.

Then there are ones who prefer to watch Kate Upton’s profoundly magnificent lady bits bounce up and down on a Sports Illustrated video. Was that too cryptic? We mean to say they don’t really care. Couldn’t give a toss.

But the devils greatest trick was to convince us it doesn’t exist.

Rex Clementine and Arjuna Ranatunga have successfully propelled the anti-IPL agenda in the local and international media so much so that fan’s are now fighting each other.

If only the IPL were the actual devil it would be flattered by the disharmony it has caused. But the IPL does not care. The money printing machines keep turning and the dices keep rolling.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s player ratings are at an all time low. Fans would rather see players injured than see them play. Some would rather see them have their manhood strapped to high voltage devices to send them a discharge every time they take a wicket or score a run in the IPL.

It’s like watching an online civil war. Sometimes, wars are necessary for progress. But what are we really achieving with this one ?

The IPL and Sri Lankas dependency on it and the BCCI is reality. Sometimes that bastard bites. Deal with it.

There are greater battles to be won within Sri Lanka’s shores before we start trying to bite the hand that feeds. So many holes that need to filled at the SLC. At the roots level and at the domestic level.Shift your anger there. Demand that things are better at home first.

I don’t see Arjuna or Rex passionately fighting for a Provincial first class set up. Where is the uproar about playing 3 day first class cricket when even Zimbabwe plays a 4 day game? What about a single independent review of the board and its governance and structure on where it can be improved? Why not ask Dharmadasa to prove how he has things under control financially and how his 5 year plan is progressing?

Or have Sri Lankan’s become too desensitized to the absurd incompetence of the board to think about hope or change? Or are we just happy to be wrapped up in a pseudo bruhaha because it’s easier?

Don’t let the IPL win.

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