Is Thirimanne the best batsman in the SL team?

Yesterday, just Prior to the departure ,Anjelo mathews said , thirimanna is the best batsman of srilankan team and he further said that thirimanna is well equipped with a good batting technique. Aravinda da silva too  said that in a media briefing in the last month. with due respect to above mentioned two players , I have to say that thirimanna’s technique doesn’t meet the modern technical requirements of the game . thirimanna often plays eye catching  cricket shots  and gets out . but he has huge technical flaws   that he failed to address in the last five years . if you analyze his batting record , you would see that often he give catches to slip fielders or third man fielder, hence he later adjusted his batting technique and tried  to use inside half the bat to hit the ball ,but it was a failure too as most of the time ball deflect on to the wicket after hitting the bat  . there is a no need to talk about the strike rate and the big hitting skills of the so called “best batsman of srilanka” .

Even though I am not a cricket technical expert, I believe that  thirimanna’s batting struggles  very much related with his grip . when he bats, his top hand “v” directs towards cover area , hence bat face open automatically during the shots, consequently ball go to the hands of slip fielders . On the other hand ,thirimanna’s inability to rotate the strike in the beginning of his inning  put huge pressure to entire batting  unit as he hardly hits big shots .

Basically , he is not good at rotating the strike , barely hit big shots , often gets out for very low scores he has technical flaws even though he plays stunning shots in front of the cameras .Hence I can’t understand the reason why  people still  consider him as the best batsman of srilanka ? 

If we need to  move forward as a powerful cricket nation , we should get out of this illusion .yes we invested heavily on him , but if he fail to deliver in this series , selectors must give chance to another young player .

At the end of the day we must realize that every new beginning come from some other beginning’s end

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