Is De Mel really gone? Will Ranatunga continue to plunder?

In my last post I asked if C.B. Rathnayake the new sports minister will save our cricket from the corrupt administration that currently runs SLC. ‘Will CB save Sri Lanka Cricket,’ I wondered. The decisions taken by the minister in the last 24 hours have backed S. R. Pathiravithana’s view that the man from the hill country is about to ruffle a few feathers and do what it takes to get us back on track.

Rathnayake, today, sacked the selection committee headed by Ashantha De Mel and has appointed Aravinda De Silva as chairman of the selection committee. It is perhaps the best thing to happen to Sri Lanka Cricket in this decade.

According to The Island, Nishantha too is set to get the boot but he is busy trying to get another politician to intervene.

The Island also reports that SLC secretary Nishantha Ranatunga’s expenses include 30 trips overseas in 13 months and in some cases he would replace other officials who were scheduled to travel; Nishantha loves flying, apparently.

The Island says that Somachandra De Silva the chairman of the seven-member interim committee too has his family benefiting from his position,

If D.S. is removed, there will be several other changes that will come to effect as well with his two nephews Suraj and Kapila Dandeniya set to lose their lucrative jobs. While Suraj is employed at the World Cup Secretariat for a monthly salary of Rs. 575,000 his cousin brother Kapila is employed at a another princely sum of Rs. 230,000.

Will any of these individuals including Ashantha De Mel who has been serving in his position as chairman of the selection panel for close to seven years actually get the boot? Like a Sri Lankan teledrama Rathnayake’s efforts to right the wrongs of the last several years will surely face a few obstacles. This is Sri Lanka after all.

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