Is Dav the right man for the job?

Dav Whatmore, the man who led the unscripted Island team to its greatest ever '96 title. By the time lankan team in a point where its blossom will rise or sink on deep.

If you realise whats Dav's contribution in his recent engagement in international is been muted. Some could point that at the present his system could be expired but if you realise what he had done his last engagements.

He is the one who coached Kohli in his U19 team ®Who gives the exposure to the fair amount of modern Bangladesh players such as Shakib,Musfiqur Tamim and others.

Who makes some impact on williams Brendon etc in zimbabwe team Other than to its his recent qualifications the formost point stands out in his side is he is a ex Srilankan who migrated to Ausie in his childhood ,So there would be much easier for him to engage with island youngsters. (he has shown his capability in past) He would be a some one who SLC could afford (Where have many managers but no optimum coaching stuff), besides he is now coaching in Kerala district India so SLC could easily grabbed him to the job.

The only point which understably refused his selection to the position is involvement of Arjuna who was crossed his fingers with his onvolvement in lately as captain though Arjuna doesnt involve in SLC management there is no point to keep him out of the Its not the time to bringback sanga of its reteirment but the man who should bring back from his reteirment would be the precise Whatmore.

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