Is Arjuna contesting, knowing he will be asked to withdraw by president?

Arjuna can join the band wagon and the merry-go-round will go round and round. Or is he or the president dangling a carrot. Or has President promised him this post so that he will not pinpoint deficiencies of Cricket or the dumbness of Mahindananda.

Elections are a farce. Last time Sumathipala, Mathivanan aand Michael de Zoysa were contesting but asked to withdraw and the gift for withdrawing was one made vice president and the pushy Michael made manager.

Arjuna you will similarly be given a gift if you do not contest.

Ana is not a turncoat hence he withdrew. The real gentlemen of cricket Sidath, Tissera will not touch cricket even with a barge pole.

The political control of Cricket is not necessary as the Govt. will easily win the general elections. Cricket was one wy where we gained international recognition but the world judging by cricket interference, is painting government with same brush re human rights and running of government. Politicians are killing the goose that lay the golden egg.

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