IPL ends early for Jayasuriya and Malinga

The Mumbai Indians are officially out of the 2009 DLF- Indian Premier League. The loss to Chennai Super Kings has ruled out any chance of making the semi finals.

Sri Lankan fans are understandably disappointed. With KKR also dropping out of the race, four Lankan internationals are out. Mathews, Mendis, Malinga and Jayasuriya now return to Sri Lanka to prepare for the T20 World Cup and Pakistan’s tour of Sri Lanka at the of June.

Is time up for Jayasuriya or is he batting more recklessly than ever before? Some strokes that led to his downfall are not characteristics of the man. It has to be said that most of the batsman have complained of two pace wickets with un even bounce. But no excuse for a man who spent time out in South Africa prior to this tournament. A lot more is expected of Sanath.

Malinga on the other hand has done the nation proud. He was the highest wicket taker in the entire competition at the end of Mumbai’s last game. He has impressed one and all. The crowds carry signs hailing the ‘Super Slinga’. In a way it’s a blessing in disguise that it is over for his team at the IPL. That’s a lot of Cricket, day in and day out, for someone who just recovered from an injury.

Mendis and Mathews..well what can you say? Avoid Kolkata if you are a cricketer!

Mendis – a match winner in his own right – was left out of KKR’s match winning strategy. The strategy was so good – note the sarcasm – that they were the first team kicked out. In a long Marathon the weak are generally separated from the rest pretty early.

A lot has been said by the media, fans and commentators about Mendis’  exclusion and Henricus’ inclusion. None of it good.

KKR will see some changes pretty quickly. Buchanan’s multiple captain theory wasn’t tried out. Mccullum was the skipper of the losing side all the way through. I guess it’s time for the world to recognize Buchanan for what he is. A whole lot of nothing. Warne has done more for Rajasthan than Buchanan has done with KKR. Two years running and Sharuk Khan has nothing to show for it but a huge bill.

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