In time, Nishantha will suffer the same fate as Srinivasan and Modi

Srinivasan of IPL and BCCI will soon suffer the same fate as Lalit Modi.There was so much whispering re his influence and corruption. And he was dictating terms to SLC and Nishantha who will even lick his boots. It is a matter of time that Nishantha Ranatunga of SLC and Carlton Tv will aalso suffer the same fate. In India, the Sports Minister is knowledgeable and the Police so far cannot be influenced. But Srilanka being small, it is easy to hide corruption under the carpet especially the Police can be influenced.It is up to our Sports Minister to investigate Nishanthas doings from hyr time of the world cup. But Mahindananda is only a talker aand knows nothing of cricket. It is the talented outstation cricketers who have spent their all who will be the sufferers.

Ranjan Rodrigo

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