Ideal team for the match against Afghanistan

I think there was a lot we learnt from the last game. But the negatives out way the positives. We were in a very good position while chasing and we threw away the advantage in a couple of overs. The most concerning issue that this has been occurring for the last couple of matches. I think where everything went wrong was the indian tour. We should have never gone on that tour by abandoning our world cup preparation. Anyway i think the fans and the players need to put what has taken place before the last game behind us and move forward. 

Looking into the future and specifically the game against Afghanistan needs to be tactically good. Afghanistan is a dangerous team and we need to play our strongest team. We need to get a winning team in place as soon as possible. In my opinion below team is the best we have,

1. Dilshan
2. Mahela (I dont think Thirimanne Here but then Mahela needs to move to Number 5.)
3. Sanga
4. Chandimal (He is a must at this position and there is no point talking about Karunaratna)
5. Thirimanne
6. Mathews
7. Thisara (Mendis Is a liability)
8. Sachithra (We need him in form)
9. Herath
10. Malinga
11. Lakmal (Kula has lost his swing, without that he does not fit in the team)

We need to play to our strength, we need our spinners to perform.

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