ICC WC 2011 Quarter Finals – Analysis

Analysis-Who will make it to the Knock out Stage…

Silly Point Report, March 14, 2011

Hello there, most of the first round matches are over in the World cup, so let’s we see who will make it to the Quarter Finals. This analysis was prepared according to the performances each country has shown so far, moreover current standings of the groups were taken in to the consideration for the analysis.

Path to the Quarter Finals According to the Current Standings and Remaining matches.(March 11th Onwards)

Group A

As predicted by most of the analysts before world cup starts, main four test playing nations are going to select for the knock out stage without creating any drama. Only the positions of the Group A will be changed, apart from that no major turnaround in this group.

But most the predictions was supported that Sri Lanka will be the number one team from Group A, but due to the unexpected loss to Pakistan and no result match against Australia led them down to the 2nd position and to remain in the 2nd position they need to battle hard on this Friday against New Zealand otherwise they will move further to the 4th position. But according to SPR predictions and analysis Sri Lanka will win the New Zealand match when considering the previous World cup records and current performances.

In other hand, Australia needs to beat Pakistan if they want to come for the first position. Either team who wins this match will move forward to the first place. If Australia wins they will be Number 1 and Pakistan will be the 4th in the group. If Pakistan wins they will be the Number 1 and Australia will drop down to the 3rd position. (Sri Lanka have a healthy run rate so even Australia and Sri Lanka ended up with same number of points Sri Lanka will go up since they have higher Net run rate).

New Zealand in other hand, if they lose to Sri Lanka they will end up grabbing 8 points. So if Australia wins against Pakistan NZ will end up in the 3rd position, if Pakistan wins New Zealand will drop down to the 4th position.

And if New Zealand pulls off the Sri Lanka match, they will most probably end up in 1st position or 2nd position.

Most likely to happened….

Sri Lanka will beat New Zealand

Australia will beat Pakistan.

Group B

Most happening group of this season, so much excitement and drama, until the final group match over no one can exactly say who will be in the final four. But according to SPR predictions and analysis South Africa, India, England and West Indies will make it to the top four from Group B.

Battle for the first place in this group is between South Africa and India, but as we predicted South Africa won the most crucial match of this season last week with india while giving them the upper hand to come to the 1st place in the group. End of the day South Africa will bag the first place of the group with 10 points and india will finish off with 9 points claiming the 2nd position.

Interesting battle is between England, West Indies and Bangladesh for the 3rd and 4th position respectively. England needs to win the most important West Indies match in order to select to the knock out stage. It’s a virtually a must win game for them since Bangladesh already won the Netherlands game. If they win they have a very good chance to select otherwise Bangladesh will move on to the next round without any doubts.

In other hand, Bangladesh needs to wait till the result of England vs West Indies game; otherwise they need to beat South Africa in order to get select for the next round.

Finally West Indies they have 2 more games, one with England and another one with India. Even though they lose these 2 games still they have a chance to qualify. But if Bangladesh wins the South Africa match, West Indies will be out of this season. But if Bangladesh loses both the teams will end their group matches with 6 points each. But since West Indies have higher net run rate they will qualify for the Quarter finals.

All of these are assumptions and prediction of what can happened within the next week of World cup. It’ will be a nail biting and blood pumping week for all the cricket lovers in the world.

Most likely to happened….

England will beat West Indies

South Africa will beat Bangladesh.

India will beat West Indies

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