HK Super Sixes GAME#8 – Sri Lanka v India (SL won by 37 runs)

Hong Kong Super Sixes GAME#8 – Sri Lanka v India (Sri Lanka won by 37 runs)

Sri Lanka inns –

Ov 1: Perera nudges the first ball to third man for four, and pulls the next ball for four in front of square. Many spaces around with only four fielders. One more boundary – leg-byes signaled – followed by a slower ball. A ball, slightly short outside off gets punished for four. SL 17/0.
Ov 2: Dharmender Phagna to bowl, and his first ball disappears straight, and Kapugedara, not to be outdone, lifts one over cow corner for six. A big over, as another ball hits the boundary ropes. A rare dot ball arises, but the final ball is hit straight again for maximum. SL 40/0.
Ov 3: Khan runs in and the batsmen takes a single, but the next ball Kapugedara dispatches a half-tracker over mid-wicket. This is followed by another six to bring up the 50. A third consecutive six ensues. Kapugedara retires on 34. Chamith Kulasekara is the next man in, and has a charmed life with two skiers falling safe. SL 62/0.
Ov 4: Kulasekara doesn’t last long, though, going first ball of the fourth over, caught on the cover boundary. Lokuarachchi strides in and hit a full toss over mid-wicket for six. The next ball bounces once for four. An appeal for caught behind and there might have been a nick there, but the batsman survives. A six from Perera ends the over. SL 81/1.
Ov 5: Mirnal Saini will bowl the final over. Lokuarachchi chips for a single. Saini beats the outside edge, and gets called for a wide. Another beautiful swinging delivery is wided, too. Perera connects for a six over mid-wicket and retires on 35. Jehan Mubarak in, but is caught his very first ball on the cover boundary, going for the big one. Lokuarachchi brings up the SL 100 with a six off a ball drifting into his pads. A four to third man finishes the innings. SL 104/2

India inns –

Ov 1: Dot ball to start the innings, another dot ball results from a googly, but India gets off the mark with a single to long-off. Sun coming out, and India respond with a two-bounce four. IND 6/0.
Ov 2: Kulasekara on, and he’s lifted for a six over mid-wicket. A couple of singles, a dot ball, and India are in all sorts of trouble now. A poor delivery down the leg side, gives them two wides, and this is compounded by a top-edge that flies over the keeper’s head for four. The last ball is pulled for four. IND 24/0.
Ov 3: India need 81 runs off 18 balls to win. Left-arm spinner, Sachith Pathirana, gets the first wicket with his first delivery, caught in the deep. Khan on strike, swings and the ball falls safe near the boundary. But Pathirana takes a brilliant catch off this own bowling, to dismiss India’s second batsman. Amit Uniyal is the new batsman, and immediately hits a six and a four. A boundary of the last ball means India need 66 off the final two overs. IND 39/2.
Ov 4: Chamara Kapugedara to bowl, the batsman misses out on a full-toss, but connects with the second ball for a six over square leg. India need 60 off 10. A four through covers is not enough, though, but that is followed up by a six over mid-wicket. Khan retires on 34. IND 57/2.
Ov 5: India need 48 off the last over – they need a few wides & no-balls… But India lose their third wicket as the batsman goes for a maximum hit. The second ball is hit straight for six, but this is a hopeless task, especially as the batsman doesn’t connect with the next one. Another swing and miss. A brilliant catch by Kapugedara brings an end to the match. IND 67/4

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