Highlighted Dilly’s ability in boundary making may have helped him identify and utilise his full potential

I am sure Dilly must have read my analysis posted yesterday in a Cricinfo forum, before the match Vs BD. I have highlighted his career stats in Boundary Scoring Ability to make big scores. It is really heartening to see him utilizing that ability to the max, by making Record-Breaking number of 22 boundaries, in his career-best unbeaten inning of 150+ (without risking himself to score a single six, which is another record). Stats are the Best  Facts to judge potentials & utilize them fully, to get the max.

My analysis had proved yet again, with the first 300+ success for SL in recent times. As I have clearly pointed out in my previous blog post in Island Cricket, winning score of this WC is 300+ and they were built on 100+ contributions, long innings, big stands & saved wickets in initial phase. Already 3 x 200+ stands were seen in this WC (the first ever WC 200+ was recorded only in 2011, by Upul & Dilly).Very high frequency of boundary scoring was evident, 12 batters have already managed > 10 x 4's in an inning. These are the key factors for big Totals in this WC. SL's potential looks like this (before last ODI):

Most Frequent 100+ Makers – (Ratio Number of ings per 100+) SL Best Rankings: 1) Tharanga – 12.8 in/100+ 2) Dilly – 14.1 In /100+ 3) Sanath -15.5 in /100+ 4) Sanga -17.8 in /100+ score.

Most Frequent Boundary Scorers in SL Cricket- Ratio: Balls per Boundary (bpb) – Best Rankings: 1) Sanath: 9.8 bpb 2) Dilly: 10.8 bpb 3) Tharanga: 11.7 bpb 4) K Sanga: 13.2 bpb.

Last moment addition of Upul Tharanga would certainly enhance the potential, if he could gather his rhythm instantly, with zero exposure to the conditions & any internationals for six months (except for that single ODI Vs Ind, nearly four months ago). 
Good Luck SL!

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