Help the man who kept the team alive

On March 3, 2009, Mehar Mohammad Khalil, drove a bus full of Sri Lankan cricketers, while it was being attacked by 12 Terrorists, to safety.

The bus was attacked with AK-47s, RPGs and hand grenades.

But Khalil was having none of it. He drove over a hand grenade, dodged a RPG and eventually got the bus to safety.

Closer inspections later revealed that M.Khalil had balls made of pure steel.

Every Sri Lankan cricketer owes their lives to him.

This is our (the cricket fans) way of saying thank you for being the baddestmotherfcker ever and for saving our cricketers.

Please donate what you can.

–Donations no longer accepted —

Once our target of 1000 USD has been reached we will be sending the money via telegraphic transfer to Charlie Austin, the manager of Kumar Sangakkara, who will present it to Mr. Khalil on behalf of the Sri Lanka team when he visits Sri Lanka as a guest of the Sri Lanka government.

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