Has politics ruined cricket in Sri Lanka?

Has politics ruined cricket in Sri Lanka?

Way back in 1982 when Sri Lanka attained test status we hailed the likes of Hon. Gamini Dissanayake for introducing Sri Lanka to the world stage and we still hail this great man as this was no mean feat. But approximately 27 years down the line I wonder if politics has really ruined cricket?

Well to say the least we have seen quite a lot of politically motivated instances which suggest this scenario might well be true. Politics is something which cricket could do well without especially when it comes to the selection process in SL Cricket.

As far as I can see a politician/Minister should never interfere in a selection process of a player in any circumstance. The selectors on the hand should also be selected by a governing body which solely only looks in to the welfare of cricket and cricketers and nothing more. Someone might ask then why should we have a Sports Minister?

Well a sports minister is needed to improve the sport in various districts in the island and to also to improve the facilities which are already in place. He could also look in to innovative ways of introducing sports to many towns and villages where the ravaged war has left its scars. Politicians in my books have a lot to do in sports but definitely not when it comes to a selection of a team (be it approving one or rejecting one) or interfering in to why a certain someone was not selected.

The pros in this situation would only mean absolute improvement of the sport island wide and a opportunity for any youngster to come to the national side through his talents rather than through connections as it is right now in SL.

Something to ponder and dream about may I say? Where one day we could see less politics in cricket and more improvements in facilities and infrastructure for young and talented cricketers?

Written by 
Navin De Alwis

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