Like many Sri Lankan Fans, I am very very disappointed. As soon as Thisara Perera scored the last ball six of Zaheer Khan, I started to believe. 

Sri Lanka had a great tournament. I guess the pressure finally caught up with them. From the amount of changes made within the team, you did sense a stream of intimidation that was running in the team. It was shown well by the sudden changes of players that you would not normally expect any other team to do. Especially in a world up Final. But who are we to judge. On another day, this would’ve probably been the best decision made. Sadly, that was not the case.

Our batting was exceptional and worthy of a World Cup final. Not many teams start so slowly off the blocks and end up making such a score. It was the entire second innings that was a let down. Leaving aside the fact that Kulasekera dropped an extremely vital catch that would have probably helped Sri Lanka apply more pressure. The fielding was absolutely pathetic. For a world class fielding side, it appeared India had borrowed some of that venom when they took the field right after the toss. What happened to us?  

Fielding positions and control could have been they key. This is what I guess alot of us will always wonder. Why didn’t we try to keep them down below the runrate when we had the chance? Why did we wait till the last five overs? Bowling was hard on that ground, but our fielding could have aided us. 

Our boys played their heart out though. The entire tournament, even with the limitations we had in some way, they did their best. We should be proud. Reaching a World Cup finals twice in a row isn’t the easiet thing to do. But they did. Its now time for some serious changes. Especially with a new coach coming in, its best to push out some of non performers and bring in young blood. 

I hope this didn’t sound like a sob story. In the end we were out played, out classed and destiny finally prevailed i guess. India did have a tougher tournament. They did chase and defend extremely well. It was a good send off for Tendulkar. We will always miss Murali. Well done to the World Champs, India. 

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