Former media manager takes a jibe at Sri Lanka Cricket

Brian Thomas, who was Sri Lanka Cricket’s media manager from 2009 until his contract was not renewed earlier this year, has written an article on The Island paper today which I highly recommend everyone read.

Thomas is clearly upset with cricket board officials that he was let go and his response to it all is pretty amusing.

Thomas questions if the upcoming SLPL will be a success and if the cricket board has handed the task to a company (Somerset Entertainment Ventures) that is actually capable of carrying out such an event.

Thomas writes,

To make any event a success, financial stability and planning are of paramount importance. Media relationship plays a major role, whilst the quality of players on show, in this instance a T-20 competition owned by franchise holders must be in line with the IPL or the Big Bash, to state the least.

Player contracts must be signed, done and dusted and all payments due to players must be paid in full, before the launch of a new venture, and last but not least, the partner SLC is dealing with, must have the experience in handling events of this magnitude. This is world cricket and hence, a bunch of sports enthusiasts forming an organization and promising to deliver, will not help.

The truth of the matter is, does SLC have all this covered? The Treasurer of Sri Lanka Cricket, Nuzki Mohamed, is still to calculate the estimated cost of this mega event, scheduled to get underway in less than three weeks.

Secretary Nishantha Ranatunga, who is not qualified to make a statement on financial issues, plays the same record on a different page which he did during ICC World Cup 2011.

Nishantha Ranatunga repeatedly stated that SLC will not be at a financial loss in constructing three new stadiums for the World Cup. At the media briefing before the start of the pompous SLPL launch, he tells the media that he is confident that SLC will not incur a loss, in conducting the SLPL.

This statement is to every right thinking individual, a joke, taking into consideration his past statements and false promises.

Remember, we have secured only 31 million US$ for seven years.

It sounds like Ranatunga has made yet another enemy. This one though, because he was a part of the SLC furniture for sometime, can prove to be a real annoyance for Ranatunga and the rest of the government’s lackeys at the board, as Thomas may know more than what they want revealed to the public.

Thomas then takes a jibe at the "IT guy" heading the marketing department at the board,

SLC and its partner have not even attracted players of the calibre of Daniel Vettori and David Warner. The truth hurts; this proves that the marketing department of SLC, headed by an IT guy, is not good enough to market the SLPL concept, professionally.

It is high time that Sri Lanka Cricket understands the value of our players and the marketing team be focused when negotiating a product that has immense value.

But nothing beats Thomas’s hypocrisy. Throughout his article he poses as member of the media who sympathises with journalist that have trouble gaining access to information because of the board’s draconian polciies.

However, during his time as media manager he was no different. Thomas made it impossible for certain journalist and bloggers to interact with the board and the players. Whilst he bent over backwards for large media organisations, the smaller fish were often ignored and sidelined.

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