For Every Sri Lanka Cricket Fan___Must Read

hey frnds…dis blog is not abt any match..its about my feelings towards my fav cricket team sri lanka n all sri lanka cricket fans…well i wz 6 years old..wen i saw sri lanka’s victory over ind or pak in 1995…i wz vry impressed..den during 1996 wills world cup i cherred dem..supported dem…my fellow frnds asked my y u supportin sri dat time i din hav any answers..wen lanka won d world cup i hav all d answers…2 me dey r d best…i love d sri lankan team…more dan indian team…i want 2 thnk sri lankan cricket 4 all sweet memories…i v enjoyed every sri lankan victory…n hav stood up 4 dem in every loss…i m proud of being a sri lanka cricket fan…i will always going 2 support sri lanka no matter wot happens…Now…all d members of >>>>>>>> A BIG THNKS 2 ALL OF U…frm my heart…guys i love u all…we all love sri lanka…n will cheer dem so dat dey can win d wc 2011 in subcontinent…

Well guys i would love 2 visit sri lanka one day..its my dream 2 visit sri lanka n meet all d sri lankan cricketers…dey r my heroes..i appreciate all u guys..i consider all of u my vry gud buddies…we all love sri lanka cricket…lanka rocksss….we wil again become number 1…sum people ask me y u support sri lanka????? y dont u support india?????????
My Ans>>> I support sri lanka because i think dey r much more talented dan indian cricketers…n i wil stick 2 dis no matter how many mathes india win against australia or any other side…indian cricketers r also gud..but dey r not at all down 2 earth…dey live in their own world…moreover i don like der attitude…on d other hand sri lanka players r vry down 2 earth…M proud 2 b an indian but i don like indian cricket..m vry frank about dis…

In d end i would like 2 say dat i wil always support lanka no matter wot happens…thnks 4 accepting me as a sri lankan fan…vry emotional moment 4 me…coz i wanted 2 share my feeling about sri lanka since 1995..n finally i got a mode i.e
love u all___SRI LANKA ROCKZZZ…cheers!!!

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