Five cricket coaches in one year – Guinness Book of Records

SLC, both interim and supposedly elected board (majority who curry favour with Politicians)  appointed 5 cricket coaches in one year and this has never happened in the history of World cricket. Midway through the year no foreigner was willing to accept the post and after that thr  Mudlalai Dharmadasa coaxed Marsh who happened to be in SriLanka  to be the next coach. After 4 months, Marsh was unceremoniously dumped as coach without explanation . It is understood that an assistant coach who had been ordered out of a senior meeting then carried tales that Marsh was following his sons match in S Africa when we were losing wickets. This coach was having ideas of being the next coach. In comes Ford ( though having best credentials) recommeneded by Sanath who played under him in SAfrican domestic.

In Australia and India, it is a special  committee with cricket expertise who elect the coach. Here it is  Sports Minister and a businessman both with not an iota of cricketing knowledge who appointed both Marsh and Ford. Well and good if Ford cam assimilate with the team and produce results.Hope he has a hand in the selections which is of paramount importance. Or else if we do not produce results, Ford will be chucked and the merry go round will go round and round till the death knell of SL cricket.

Ranjan Rodrigo, Sydney.

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