Fine Tuning for Cape Town

There is little doubt that we will get a green top in Cape Town. Sometimes I wonder what the Match referee is there for ? They seem to have got all full of them selves with disciplining the players and forgotten their role to ensure fair playing conditions. If I am not mistaken it was the antics of the Pakistanis when playing at home during test matches (altering the wickets after the match started) that initiated the need for a match referee. I don’t say a green top is unfair but leaving as much grass as was left in the 1st test was ludicrous.

Having said that if we rest on our laurels ( I still can’t believe where that win came from !) we will get thrashed again and it will be back to square one.

A minor change in the batting order with Chandimal batting ahead of Mathews as Mathews has got most of his runs batting at 7 is pretty obvious I think.

The inclusion of another spinner causes more problems. Including another specialist spinner ( Mendis?) is the only hope we have of beating the Proteas again. The psychological advantage alone is worth the gamble.Who is the bowler we are going to "rest"? It has to be one of the quicks and this will mean that Mathews has to do a bit more bowling.

I would take a HUGE gamble and give Welagedera a rest. He went wicketless in the 2nd innings remember, he was very economical though but Mathews may be able to achieve that role. Surely the Proteas will work out how to play a left armer who has only the natural angle to work with and hasn’t a delivery that comes into the right hander ?

The old adage of sticking with a winning combination etc is outdated in this day and age of computer analysis and highly paid coaching staff. Staff who are paid (hopefully) to use their brains and innovate. Innovation is the recipe for success and that has been proven.

It is a luxurious situation to be in to even consider the option of resting a bowler who has just taken a Michelle (5fer), but bold decisions of this nature is what wins matches and I hope the winds of change that have swept through our dressing room prevails.

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