Father appointed match referee for Sri Lanka-A team fixture when son opens batting for the team

Everything that happens under Somachandra De Silva’s watch seems to get quietly swept under the carpet. Somehow if Ranatunga was at the helm people would be screaming for heads to roll. Ranatunga’s head. That’s a sign of how heavily politicized our cricket has become.

Take a look at this scorecard. Make note of  Sri Lanka’s opening batsman’s name. Then scroll down and look at who the match referee is. Upali Warnapura is Malinda Warnapura’s father!

This is what the Daily Mirror makes of it all.

SLC has so many match referees numbering to nearly 40, but the Match Referee who officiated at the second unofficial cricket Test between Sri Lanka “A” and Pakistan “A” played at the R. Premadasa Stadium from August 13 to 16 was Upali Warnapura.

Shockingly Warnapura’s son Malinda Warnapura played for Sri Lanka “A” as the opener.

“I never thought SLC officials could get so idiotic. What if the father had to hold an inquiry against the son?” asked one source.

SLC Chairman D.S. de Silva was clueless about the adventures of his officials but said he would certainly take steps to avoid the embarrassment in the future.

“I would have definitely changed it had I known. I learnt this issue only when you informed me. I am definitely going to take steps to avoid a similar thing in the future.” said de Silva last night

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