False hopes/dreams and breaking them…

I have been following cricket since my childhood (age 11). As Sri Lanka is a very small country majority around the world do not know about us. Mainly any sport was dominated by the big countries. We did not have any chance.As a child it was really dispointing to see we are internationally not doing well.In 1996 our dream came true. We were able to win a world cup. Then we came to a stage where we win most of the matches. After that, loosing a match is like a crime for us.

 This article is about Angelo Mathews. When i was small my hero was none other than Aravinda De Silva. I was a big fan of him. Whenever he scores a fifty or  a hundred i will be happy. Nowadays my hero is Angelo mathews. When he entered the team as a youngster i was not that fond of him.He gradually became a good cricketer. So i became a fan of him. I liked he being the captain of Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately he is having so much hard time during last few years due to  injury, lack of support , rivary , jealousy, coaches/administrators being changed. And other reasons are unknown. His religious believes are different to majority of the poeple here as well. So majority of the poeple may do not like to support him. As they want heriocs from their back ground only . They do not like to see other religious person succesfully doing something. Because that point may lead to prove that their own religious beliefs may be wrong.

However, im writing this in a direct manner in order to express my thought on the current situation. I know majority of the poeple will not agree with this point. My advice to mathews is to take this negative environment as a possitive thing. Winners never give up. Just look Imran khan . How he became a succesful leader. He was able to win the world cup and finally became the leader of Pakistan. He had so much defeats, so much negatives , that negatives made him stronger. If you do not have troubles that means you are not going to improve. Successful poeple allways face difficulties. With out difficulties you will not get improved or move forward.

I must say that it is good that you openely expressed your disapointment for forcing you to step down from captaincy. Take look at Arjuna Ranathunga or MS Dhoni, these poeple are not afraid to speak their views publicly. They do criticize unjustice or unlogical decisions. Cricket is a mental game. You have to be tough both inside the fence and outside the ground. Politics is allways anywhere. Allways be happy when the environmnet is not supporting you. Be happy when the environemnet is against you. Everybody will be your opponent. Only yourself will be supporting you. Then you can grow.

We know that you have been groomed to be the captain early by Kumar and Mahela. So they gave you the hope and the dream. But now the entire country is against you. They are breaking your dreams. Any leader can accept the win. But accepting the defeats very difficult than accepting wins. Imran lost elections several times in politics and in cricket also he suffered heavy losses as a player and as a captain . Look at arjuna he lost lot of games before transforming as captain cool. MS Dhoni is a very differnt person. He win most of the time. He transformed from easy guy to a tough captain . Nowadays you dont see he is smiling .He is allways seriously focusing on the game .You must follow poeple like them. Try to understand the mindset of these poeple. Micheal clarck was able to win the icc 2015 world cup .Nobody gave a huge praise for his duty.  But he silently did his job. He also had many ups and downs. He lost ashes and poeple blamed him for his decisions. But finally he did his job.

Do not rely on anybody, just rely on you. Accept the social network fun post of yourself as a joke. Allways expect negative from fans. You know what to do. Mistakes makes you a tough person. With out any hard time you will get nothing. Life is allways about facing the challenges. Learn from the mistakes, never repeat it again.

We wish you good luck. Hope miracle will happen and hope you will be able to bowl again and captain the side again.

Good luck.

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  1. well said . Honestly people
    well said . Honestly people should leave politics and religion and everything else out of cricket and let these guys go out there and play freely .what matters is not our background or religious beliefs . what matters is that we are all ONE SRI LANKA .we just need to watch cricket as it is and leave everything else aside .No matter what anyone says I know for a fact that Anjelo wears his heart on his sleeve and does everything for the betterment of sri lankan cricket. He gives his heart out on the field and has given his 100% and more every time he wears sri lankan colours .Please stop judging him by the way he looks on the field or because of his religious background .Remember .WE ARE ALL ONE SRI LANKA .Everything we do is for the betterment of SL and to see sri lanka challenge world greats being a mere dot on the map .Start appreciating what guys like mathews and malinga have done for the country and stop the criticism and start backing them to help sri lanka move forward and make use of their last few years of international cricket . cuz there wont be a mathews or malinga in another few years time .and there wont be anyone like them ever again the way things are going.And please dont judge a players form just cuz of two bad outings in the asia cup. remember mathews form before that in the sa series ? remember how long hes been back in cricket since his injuries ? and he already was the best batsman in the SA series .can you Imagine what guys like mathews and malinga could do if they get proper match practice and a solid run before the WC ? .So Stay United and back these guys to guide the sri lankan team forward .Start focusing your criticism on the stupid selection panel and make sure they dont last in power for long .

  2. Angelo wearing his heart in
    Angelo wearing his heart in his sleeve??!!! I seriously doubt it …he was good as captain when he had people to fall back on like sanga and mahela ..i will admit he s a good leader but right now we need someone who needs to give direction to the younger players in the squad ..mathews has a very lacks adaptation attitude which isnt the way to go ..you need to lead from the front and push the younger players a little which mathews does not do ..hes not that type of leader! I seriously doubt religion and jelousy has anything to do with it ..more than the batting we need that attacking fearless mentality we used to have and mathews is not the answer…chandimal is someone who can push the youngsters ..be vocal and provide constructive criticism to them .

  3. The strangest thing is, all
    The strangest thing is, all those blunders were pinpointed by some knowledgeable fans in blogs & postings well before it all happened. One person even precisely predicted Asia Cup debacle losing to Afghanistan.

    The question is why those highly paid think-tank guys cannot foresee the disastrous obvious, that an ordinary fan could see?

  4. We all know how unworthy
    We all know how unworthy Angelo as a skipper. He should have never been reappointed as the skipper in the first place. Hathurusinghe was the one who recalled him & now dropping him. This only shows CH’s incapability as a coach. He was behind the constantly failed Kusal Mendis’ Opening saga in Asia Cup. That mistake highly contributed to our downfall, as well. Certainly Chandimal is no better Shorter-format player deserved to be in the Odi side, let alone “gifting” him the captaincy by CH.

    Mathews is a solid batter,more suitable for Test cricket, although since 2017 he had scored some 888 runs at very high average 59 mainly thanks to his huge number of unbeaten innings (7 Not outs in 22 innings 1/3), he was highly counter productive to the team ended up with pretty low Strike Rates in the 70s (76 SR)!

    His appalling running between wickets purely caused more than 2 run outs (Not the kind of unfortunate mishaps usually seen in run outs) and so many singles, twos & threes that could have been easily taken were missed, costing the team heavily. Rotating the strike seems almost impossible when Mathews at the crease, imposing additional pressure to his partners. Obviously Mathews was not fit enough to take the intensive demands of ODIs /T20s at the moment. This was obvious to everyone watched Asia Cup matches.

    It is the right decision to let Mathews fully recover fitness-wise at this stage. But reappointing & Chasing him away after two series is pure comedy. Kusal Mendis should have been dropped before the Asia Cup letting Dickwella to play instead. Dickwella or DdeS should have partnered UT as openers in Asia Cup. That was another costly blunder made by the coach. Hope the coach would allow right batters to settle in right spots at least now. Any more shuffles will only cause further instability to the team.

  5. While we appreciate Mathew’s
    While we appreciate Mathew’s ability as a cricketer he cannot live on his past laurels now. At the meeting it was revealed Mathew’s world record of about 67 run outs where 49 odd was making his partner run out!! He was selfish to be available for selection knowing exactly what he does. Anyone watching Asia Cup could not believe their eyes. It is incorrect to look for reasons as religion for his axing when he there is clear evidence. Whether your childhood hero or not ,won’t matter here. But all is not lost for Mathews he should return to the next ODI series or World Cup after getting his injuries sorted out.

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