Fall in love, with Chamara Silva

He can’t bat in any situation and has been a “white elephant” for the team over the years, but he is still playing, just because selectors love him too much.

How many players, you can recons, whoa are the hot favorite of selectors in world cricket? Well, few name come in mind straightway- dinesh kartik from India, abdur rajjak from Pakistan and chamara kapugedera from the little island SriLanka. All these players somehow manage to inter again and again into team, despite their pathetic performance in even at domestic level. And what’s their contribution? Well all they contribute in great way- they destroys all hope of their respective teams to win even a single match!

But, this list of players, whom we can easily say “white elephants”, wont be complete a player-called chamara silva, one of the worst cricketer we have seen in international cricket. He has all the quality, which guarantees he should have been never played a single match for Sri Lanka- he has a pathetic technique, a unreliable approach towards his game, mentally not strong to face crisis situations in the match and most importantly he doesn’t know, what kind of greatest achievement it should for any player to represent his beloved country.

Plus, one can see his record in one day cricket, which indicates that he is not a batsman with solidity- 73 matches, 1523 runs with a well below average of 28, with just 1 hundreds and 12 half centuries. The lone hundred, he made against weak Bangladesh. He is 31 year old, so he can’t be useful for Sri Lankan’s future plans. If one can argues that he came into the team against Australia, due to his solid performance in domestic matches, he should read the figures of his last 5 innings in just concluded inter-provincial tournament of twenty-20 matches- 13, 41, 1, 9, 35.

All these facts are quite evident that he can’t play international cricket. He can’t represent Sri Lanka, with desire pride.

But, silva doesn’t mind this kind of criticism, by any sense. And why he should? After all he enjoys the solid backing of selectors. Actually, he has been enjoying this support from the beginning of his career. 24 year old Chamara kapugedera is out of the team, because he in not consistent enough. 21 year old dinesh chaindmal is out of the team, because he couldn’t score much in 3 matches. But 31 years old, and a proven failure time and again, silva is playing for Sri Lanka, because he is the hot favorite of selectors. One can say him blue eyed baby of selectors, actually. Probably, selectors rates him highly, even more than sir don Bradman.

But he is not a bradman by any means. Actually, he is not a player, even for domestic matches. If you are a sportsman, you must have one quality anyhow- to be mentally strong. But, silva has shown again and again, that he has the tendency to scattered in crisis situations.

There is no objection, if selectors are in love with him. But objections it that-please don’t destroy Sri Lanka cricket, just for your love for silva. Just after world cup, now team has lost two consecutive one day series- against Australia and England. So, it is time to wake up. But most importantly, its time to get rid off mr. chamara silva. Mr. duleep mendis, please consider the voice of Sri Lanka.

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