Enough about Sanath…

Sanath is not the reason Sri Lanka lost. His dismal performances are more a reason why he should retire, not the reason we were thrashed by England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Lately Sanath bashing has become the popular past time. Being an MP, the opposition supporters too appear to be having a field day.

Have none of you asked yourself why Kumar Sangakkara, Ashantha De Mel, and Trevor Bayliss kept including him? If he was included in the squad due to political influence then what influence got him into the final playing eleven? Have Sangakkara, the selector on tour, and the coach, who pick the final playing eleven, also become Rajapaksa supporters?

As much as those criticising Sanath are accusing politics of ruining our cricket, they use their own political bias to overlook the obvious.

Grow a brain, you lot!

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