England and their Allegations

Why are the English media so keen on framing Sri Lankans and Pakistanis ?

 The ICC official website is carrying a poll on whether England have a chance of winning the 2011 World cup. It is a question worth pondering about as England have the best realistic chance of being crowned world champions since 1992. The English world cup squads of 1996,1999,2003 and 2007 were comprehensively walloped and neither were they expected to even make the semis. After 2 decades England seem on track and certainly do have potential.

Now it becomes interesting. A few weeks ago “News of the World” also called “Screws of the World” stirred a hornet’s nest by “exposing” a spot fixing scandal involving the Pakistan team. The English media were up in arms about it, displaying a level of excitement hitherto unseen. Later on different factions of the English media have started pointing their fingers toward Sri Lanka, alleging of incidents back in 2009.

The framing of the Pakistani agent Majid was due to a set up by NOTW. That is they were intent on nailing some Pakistani players. Now other news papers from the supposedly gentlemanly country are trying to frame Sri Lankans for something that happened in 2009. Why dig up the corpse now? Why were they mute in 2009?
I couldn’t help making an observation in the ICC world cup 2011 schedule.

England are grouped in group B with India, South Africa, West Indies , Bangladesh and 2 “minnows”. Despite their good form , it would be unwise to predict England would actually top group ‘B’. India on home soil could be devastating and South Africa are always a potent side. So it is safe to assume England would end up somewhere around 2nd or 3rd in their group.

Now look at group ‘A’. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, NZ and 3 weaker teams. Australia still are a great side and no one would be surprised if they topped the group. NZ would be less threatening on docile Asian wickets and would probably end up 4th with Sri Lanka and Pakistan becoming 2nd and 3rd .(or vice versa)
The schedule for the quarter finals. A1 vs. B4, A2 vs. B3, A3 vs.B2, A4 vsB1. Thanks to this format England would probably take on either Pakistan or Sri Lanka in the quarter finals. And given the fact that Sri Lanka and Pakistan usually perform well in Global events as opposed to bilateral series, a controversy ridden , weakened Sri Lanka or Pakistan would definitely make life easier for the gentlemen from the UK.

I’m not posting any conspiracy theories here. This is purely an observation I couldn’t ignore.

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