Don’t get excited on a jack in the box type flash success forgetting the reality.! Euphoria Bubble will burst soon..

Don't laugh too much on a jack in the box type flash success.!

No wonder why some of our naive fans are on top of the world right now including local commentators, thinking we got back our glory days…, because they base their views on day to day happenings and cannot even remember what they had for the breakfast ..LoL. That is why it is so easy for the culprits like Hathurusinghe, Chandimal, Sanath J etc to escape from analytically clueless local media.

HERE IS THE PERFORMANCE RECORD OF EVERYONE WHO PLAYED at No1-5 SPOTS from 1 Jan 2017 to date over past 22 months: …
Just have a look at the stats to figure out the vast difference in overall performance records of Upul Tharanga in Batting Ave/ SR/ Tons/ 50+ /SIXES  & BOUNDARIES  compared to the gratis players like skipper Chandimal & other Favorite Doom Boys Like much Hyped Kusal Mendis etc.    Coach & Skipper can bluff the media…. but Not the RALITY ON RECORD.

No One with a head can justify the abrupt STALING  of the OVERALL BEST performed, MOST ASSERTIVE BATSMAN in the Side (full of do-little bandwagon)… But even this impossible happened, without giving a single match to play just after a rare Duck (2nd duck in 22 months over 38 Odi innings)… most likely ending his career before the WC (just to slot in their favorite jokers in the Global Event), denying the obviously earned spot for Upul Tharanga.

who has an exceptionally good record when it comes to ICC Cricket World Cups & ICC-CT tournaments. The opening batsmen was part of the 2007 and 2011 teams which finished runners-up at the tournament. He was ranked No-5 in overall best batters in 2011 WC scoring 395 runs @ 56.42 Av – 84 SR from 9 ings with 2 x100+ & 2 x 50+ including an unbeaten 100*+ in crucial Quarter Final Vs Eng . Good performances on both World Cups. He scored three fifties in 2007 WC, including a crucial knock of 73 in the semi-final against NZ !

UT in Global Tournaments 27 innings batting as Opener = 20 WC + 7 CT – 1,070 Runs @ 43 Av – with  4 x 100 – 6 x 50

Now look at the sugar-coated exhilarating Euphoria Bubble… to be burst pretty soon in NZ :)))
The dead deck clearly we had in initial 3 hours or so, we didn't see any swing, bounce or spin & that completely numbed English bowling attack. On top of that they dropped catches giving double lives to guys like Chandimal to thrive. It is good to see a win. But Winning one against a depleted side in a dead rubber of a series… already grabbed by them is not something to brag about or go over the moon.! especially in such conditions :p

Ok, If forgotten about their performances in past 2 yrs up to now… Just wait until the NZ tour in Dec to realize the repeatedly proven reality of these over-hyped favorite doom boys, when they face KIWI attack in their own den :))

Mark my word; the Lightening Reality will strike hard with another bout of humiliation pretty soon, when we visit NZ in Dec. Yet NO ONE WILL BE ANSWERABLE or held RESPONSIBLE for it, as we have seen repeatedly in this Emerald Island's inverted Cricket Arena… phobic to justice.  

This is like a repeat telecast of similar happenings in late 2014 concluding a series vs Eng on flat decks. Similarly UpulT was excluded from that 5 match series shamelessly & from the squads selected to tour NZ just before WC, despite being the highest contributor in the previous series, with a series winning 94 & 45 in the decider Test Vs Pk, preferring to continue with the same favorites who doomed previous series in India & many more before) & went to NZ & got thrashed outright in Test & ODI series, just before the 2015 WC!    

Three Cheers for the highly inflated Coach & his schoolmate buddy Undercutting skipper for prematurely ending a career of a naturally assertive player at 33 yrs, after eradicating 4 yrs of his prime career virtually stalled at 28 yrs by SJ, just after recording 2nd quickest 5,000 runs & 2nd ever Highest OdI score of unbeaten 174*  for SL with 13 tons (the match ended with a win , otherwise SJ's record would have been broken that day – unfortunately that inning & 5k run record in addition to most double-hundred stands world record created on that day must have resulted in his 3+ yr long axing came just after 3 weeks from that inning ).

Unlike some cut-throat type greedy devils in the current bunch (who was partly behind his own buddy Mathews' exit as well), UT is a self-effacing unpretentious gentleman type of a player full of genuine batting talents… very recently,  UT was modest enough to call Chandimal to the podium (surprising the presenter Roshan Abeysinghe)… to receive the Champion's Cup even as the NON-PLAYED but originally nominated skipper of Colombo team without any contribution from him.!

Tharanga lead the side in entire tournament to the Championship as stand-in skipper, becoming the highest run maker in the tournament, scoring 396 @ 66 Av – 109 SR with 2 x 100 & 2 x 50+ scores from just 6 Innings (one inning less played than the rest, yet Upul was 70 runs ahead of the 2nd placed batter). His runs included the match winning 124 (123b) with 14 x4- 3 x6 Upul made in the Final to grab the 2018 Super Four Provincial Limited Over Tournament Championship for Colombo in Jun 10 2018! All those Super Hyped guys played in that tournament, except for a few favorites who were hidden behind various excuses 🙂;type=tournament
What I have said beforehand in Cricinfo & IC forums were proven from word to word up to now since 2013.!  Just refer my past blogs & articles, if you need evidence.. 😀


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  1. No body will look those
    No body will look those rubbish UT is no more but please don’t stop writing comments article on this page ..we will miss the daily dosage of laugh you provide for all of us …

  2. Publishing Absolute Truth
    Publishing Absolute Truth cannot be stopped & I did that for discriminated Upul Chandana during his time & will do the same for next in line for the eternal Guillotine after Tharanga. :D)

  3. We get it,you are upul
    We get it,you are upul tharanga’s biggest fan. But seriously give it a rest for a while till UT scores his next 100.

    Let us enjoy a good performance by the TEAM after a loooong time .


  4. Anonymous (not verified) on
    Anonymous (not verified) on October 25, 2018 – 01:16. #5

    To score his next 100 he should be in the team, isn’t it? When axed like this how can he do it my friend? This is my view.


  5. We have seen before such once
    We have seen before such once in a blue moon Mendis innings on 320+ bowler’s graveyards, mainly on home soil. It is stupid to believe this Kusal Mendis (Tottering Career Av 27 after 54 Odis) guy is capable to deliver it on a regular basis..!

    His incapability outside SC & on any deck other than super flat… is HORRIBLE even against not so strong opponents, as already proved in his 50+ Odi record. Mendis is not a New Baby to cradle with unlimited chances any more! If he Continues to fail he should be AXED (although he made a flat deck fifty today, remember he totally failed in Pallekale and Averaging just 20 despite getting 3 chances and causing to sink the series as in Asia Cup & many more series before.

    Just look at Kusal Mendis performances & his appalling series records that caused SL defeat after defeat in past 16 months or so:

    Zmb in SL – 5 odis- 115 runs @ 28 av
    Ind in SL – 4 odis – 58 runs @ 14 Av
    Pak in UAE – 2 odis -12 runs @ 6 Av
    Tri nation
    in BD – 5 odis – 83 runs@ 20 Av
    SA in SL – 5 odis – 86 runs @ 17 Av
    Asia Cup – 2 odis – 00 runs @ 00 Av
    Eng in SL – 3 odis – 61 runs @ 20 Av

    For no justifiable reason, perfect winning combination struck in last 2 ODIs in SA series was disrupted by axing productive Opener Dikka to slot in this Kusal guy as Opener in Asia Cup (by his bloody angel Hathurusinghe)

    Mendis’ upfront double ducks snaked both vital ODIs in Asia Cup AVERAGING ZERO in that series! Repeated upfront collapses triggered by Mendis saw SL crumble & faced defeats against bottom ranked Afg & BD causing early exit.! Who is responsible for this ludicrous act other than the coach/skipper?

    Even though, he scored a flat deck 50 exploiting the 2nd string Eng side, still AVERAGED 20 in the series to cause the 3rd consecutive series defeat this year, apart from so many in previous year as indicated above.

    Veered coach & selfish skipper will certainly hammer the final nails to the SL cricket coffin pretty soon.L .!

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