Don Anurasiri: favourite of the politicians

For over 12 years, Don Arunasiri has been a selector and is kept there by politicians who want him to espouse their cause. He was also instrumental in sacking Thilan Samaraweera. He can be always seen on TV in the front seat. He is a disgrace to the country. He is another joker and nick-named "super selector’.

When ‘o when can we progress with such political stooges? The number of Jokers in SLC are increasing. Among them are Ashantha, Mahindananda, Upali and Nishantha. Are they at the helm to develop cricket or for their own ends and thereby ruining the game?

The gentlemaen in the game like Tissera, Sidath, Ana Tennekoon are disppaering like in parlament and it is the rule of thuggery.

– Ranjan Rodrigo, Sydney.

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