Disapointed Sri Lankan Fan…

Cricket is a game. Win or loose, you have to play it in a way that anybody can enjoy just by viewing it. If you play it in a good manner even the opposition will admire your performance. As cricket lovers we used to play cricket in our villages , near small roads, paddy fields, small grounds. Whenever we play, our aim is allways to win the match. We know how to run between wickets.How to catch the ball. How to save valuable runs. How to chase a target. How to make batsmen out. How to build up an inning. That is the desire, the hunger, the happiness or you may say the whole idea behind enjoying the sport. That is your hobby. Playing for the country should be more valuable than that. You should enjoy it instead of make it complicated with stress or politics or pressure. When you enjoy there is no pressure.
At the moment,

  • Sri Lankan team doesn't know how to run between wickets
  • How to make the second run in a proper way
  • How to cancel the second run
  • How to avoid hitting bowlers while running between wickets ( should follow a straight line)
  • how to make the eye contact with the other batter
  • How to turn for the second run, while maintaining the focus on the ball
  • how to take a catch
  • How to stay in the game allways
  • While fielding how to imagine the way the ball may come to you
  • take the right fielding location by thinking of the angles and the distance to the wicket

During the last game Sri Lanka made lot of mistakes where even the village team would not do, for example

  • the way Angelo got out, when there was a good partnership between him and thisara
  • The way Tharanga got out
  • The way tharanga played the innings ,(very slow inning with lot of dot balls)
  • The way dananjaya de silva got run out
  • Sending mendis to open again, we saw he was not succesful at the latter part of the south african tour.
  • Making lot of changes with the batting order, unusual possitions will lead to a difficulty on running between wickets
  • Useful partnerships will happen when there is fair bit of understaning among them
  • The shot played by kusal janith to get out to rasheed. he was bowling well, partnership was building, that shot was not needed

Hope in future such things won't happen. Asela gunarathne should be injured free and he must join the squad very soon. He is an enthusiastic player. Niroshan dickwella should be included as well.

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  1. There are millions of
    There are millions of mistakes and faults we can easily point out when we have a defeat. This is normal in our simple understanding of the game.

    The route cause for our ever increasing defeats are due to bad selection. Then number two is – The trainer/coach is incompetent to build a right team. We cannot afford to have a Test team (players) competing in the white bowl game. You cannot score runs in an ODI (50 over game) as you are playing in a test match. The competent players like Tisara Perera, wicket keeper batsman who did not play one single match, should be the ones who must be in the game.

    Unfortunately, Angel is not at all a one day player. How on earth captain the side. Read his statements after every match he make. Redeculours!

    This not the way to go forward SLC. We need to find a bold, energetic, wise ,talented allrounder (we have many playing first class cricket) to lead the ODI TEAM WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT. The right time has come to pick the team before English men come over to the island and dominate again and again our criket.No reason to blame anyone unless they them self resign from their positions with honour and respect to the country and to the game of criket (white bowl) in Sri Lanka.

    There are many who have not even consider to be selected in the playing elevan,waiting to be called. Pick them and put to test in ODI games left before the WCUP. There is nothing to loose, nothing to shame about.

    It is Better to be honest than to be cruel in selecting the wrong team.Absolutely Chandimal is the right captain to captain the test side, Angelo can be a good test batsman to be included, if he is injury free. Tisara Perera should be captaining the ODI Team until he help to find a young captain in the future.And the rest of the team should be around him from the A team and some are from other parts of the country who plays first class cricket at the moment. I know it is easy to say like this. But the fact is , The presant ODI team is a test criket team. They only have the mind of the test game, not they are bad, but cannot perform or score according to the required runs at any given time. So why on earth we continue this mess and receive shame on ? Let’s believe that someone who has the guts to bring a change to our white bowl game irrespective of preferances, if we are to be world champions as was in 1996.England team arriving soon.This is a great great oppertunity to expose a new young talented team to compete the game. Now we have nothing to loose, no more shame you can think of. Do not make the same old mistakes any more.

    Just to add few thoughts. ..this is not a personal judgement of any person but I must say, the head coach and the captain is not competent enough to hold the SL ODI Team. SLC cricket need a coach who understands the competiveness in depth.The captain should be an example not an accuser!


  2. There is no hope for this
    There is no hope for this team regardless of what players you take out and put in. This teams mentality is psthetic and I have no doubt that this team will do awful in the upcoming world cup. Angelo Mathews always talk about playing positive cricket in the field but we are not seeing that at all. There is no positive intent to score runs. Look at mohammed shazad. Despite going out he was always looking do runs. Once you stop looking for runs the for balls start to accumulate and the desperation to to make a risky shot comes into play. Im fine with batsmen taking it slow during the start of their innings. Most teams nowadays no longer go off to a flying start anymore because they rather build a proper foundation. This is not the case for SL. The first 10 overs they bat like its a t20 game and most often they see themselves with a good amount of runs but not enough wickets left to finish the game.

  3. It’s terrible cricket from
    It’s terrible cricket from 1996 to 2010 we never ever went thru a absolutely pathetic display of cricketing abilities on da grounds.

    We don’t know eny betting was involved as certain players DO NOT CARE MOTHERLAND PRIDE OR THE SL JERSEY THEY ARE WEARING so so sad unimaginable playing.


    Bad people were handling SLC from 2010 to date .Also Sports Ministers who are brainless how to handle cricket having crises or solving crisis.



  4. Naive Blog View missing the
    Naive Blog View missing the main Drawbacks & destructive decisions made by the Coach and skipper resulted in this humiliating defeats, predicted well before the tournament.


    Talking about the dot balls of the highest scorer Tharanga, while the rest of all batters (except Dhana) fell like a pack of cards initiated with a repeatedly egg laying Duck as his Opening partner is outrageously stupid. There was non utilized 9 overs remaining at the end to spare.! In such circumstances only a clueless fool about the game of cricket would count the dot balls –

    this not a case of run rate pressure as such, but a case of brittle batting unit repeatedly failed over 20 months to make a real impact, except in a rare few occasions (like in last 2 won Vs SA)the combination of Openers got right to pave the vital opening stand, at least to maximize the chances of getting the rusty machine to work somehow in the middle.

    Except for Dhananjaya de Silva who gave some suuport to Opener Tharanga to try and rebuild the inning with 54 runs stand for the 2nd wkt, unfortunately ended with a run out, there was no support to diffuse the pressure of spin attack included ICC No2 ranked spinner.

    Why they didn’t allow at least the other genuine Opener Dhanjaya de Silva to partner Upul is the question to be asked from Coach & skipper ?

    BASICALLY SL PLAYED BOTH VITAL MATCHES, WITH A BAGGAGE CAREER WALKING WKT KUSAL MENDIS AS A SPECIALIST BATTER TO CONTRIBUTE ZERO (00) in both matches..!!! Can any team win matches playing with 10 players one man missing right from the begining?

    As Mathews said later, – “SL got a good start” – thanks to Tharanga in both matches, despite having a useless walking wkt Kusal Mendis as his Opening partner to make twin pressure mounting ducks upfront in both matches.

    “but once again lost our way in the middle overs” – Mathews concluded.

    If not for those Two Run Outs, SL had a good chance of pulling those 250 runs to win was the vies of commentators.

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