Dinesh chandimal: a star in making

If you are a true sportsman, you must encourage new upcoming talent. And whatever former English captain nassir husain said about dinesh chandimal’s century, but his own teammates, and another former caption of England Michael Vaughan has other thoughts. Quite impressed with 21 year old sparkling century, Vaughan admits that this srilankan new star is destinated to be a great batsman in upcoming years. Vaughan admits openly that chandimal has a good technique, looks solid in defense and can play both orthodox cricket shots as well as improvised strokes that may look a little odd, but are highly effective.

And, that’s the way; we should also judge his century. Don’t forget, he is just 21, but the courage he shows against sturad broad’s one of the finest spell in this summer, indicates that chandimal’s game is not all about hitting fours and sixes, but he can also adjust his game, regarding the situation. Average batsman can’t handle this type of body-line bowling, but dinesh is not an average batsman. He is a superstar in making, a great prospect for the spectators, who love to watch virendra sehwag, chris gayle type of destructive batting.

So, it is right time to include dinesh permanently in srilanka’s one day setup. And another important point is that, he should bat at no. 3 position. Yaa, we all know that great kumar sangakkara prefers to bat at this position, but don’t forget the age factor between him and dinesh. By the time of next world cup in 2015, sanga will have been crossing 37 years of his life. So, there is no point to rely on him. Instead, selectors must give enough chance to dinesh to stablish him in no. 3 position. By that process, selectors can secure that when sanga and mahela leaves the team, we will have already their replacements!

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