Dilshan first assignment of compromises

Though, He is an aggressive player by nature, but even Tillakratne dilshan, in his first captaincy assignment, was forced to make lot of compromises.

All’s well if it end’s well. Well, it may be true, but as for as Dilshan, new captain of Sri Lanka, is concerned its just a few line of déjà vu. Yes, he could have become a winner, but instead he is in loosing side. First assignment of full captaincy, is a kind of job, everyone wants to make it memorable for a whole life. Though, dilshan had also insisted it, before the arrival to England, but you can’t win games, when you have to make lot of compromises.

First compromise for dilshan, came, when he had no other choice than to include 42 year old sanath jayasuriya in the team. He is a member of parliament, so obviously dilshan couldn’t do much, in a country where politics plays a decider role in cricket. So, sanath played a 20-20 and a one day international as well. And now, when young dinesh chandimal has shown the world that what an great talent he is, with one sparkling century followed by equally enterprising half century, we can imagine what would have been the possible result, had young chandimal played those two matches, specially the 1st one day international, instead of veteran sanath.

But as it’s not enough, another compromise was also waiting for dilshan. Actually, in srilanka limited over side, selectors perfectly managed a blunder by including 29 year old thilina kadamby in the team. Whatever his age is, it’s not a matter, but concerned is that he is such an out dated player, especially for one day cricket. And, now you cant dare to imagine even, that he was the national team’s caption for lone twenty-20 match of England tour. It was an ridiculous decision and team suffered through out the one day series, because of it. He managed just 36 runs in four matches, and eventually was being dropped before final match. But it was too late, so dilshan had left stranded with just one choice- to include debutant dimuth karunaratne in a final like match. It was also an compromise for dilshan, as karunaratne hadn’t managed to play a single match in whole tour, prior to this.

So, it was a series of compromises for dilshan, indeed. As, in past sanga and mahela suffered these kind of compromises, now dilshan also joined their group. So, indees, it was a memorable series for dilshan- but not because of victories, but because of those compromises!

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