Dilshan as captain of Sri Lanka


TM DilshanDilshan is a Pirate.

From his bear claw goatee to his bandana to his bling. If they ever made a Sri Lankan remake of Pirates of the Caribbean, Dilshan would be Jack Sparrow. But the problem with Pirates is that, by nature, they can’t be trusted.

Dilshan is captain of Sri Lanka because no one else wants the job. Mahela gave it up. And King Kumar wants to become a full time speech writer. In fact the only person other than Dilshan who had a real chance of getting the job was Sanath. As long as he could pass the motion in Parliament.

Like it or not Dilshan the Pirate is what we’ve got. If first impressions mean something, then Dilshan probably wouldn’t have got the girl. If you want to know how Sri Lanka is doing then you’d get all the info you need by looking at his face. Captaincy doesn’t appear to have pulled the plank on Dilshans buccaneer attitude with the bat either. See what I did there. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That 193 at Lords came at almost 80. And the cost of a digit. Could you ever tell Jack Sparrow what to do ? Ok… Would he have listened?

Dilshanis his own man. He doesn’t pretend to be something he isn’t. But right now you can almost tell that the man is torn between kicking a player in the back side for dropping a chance and blowing his cheeks like Mahela used to. Ultimately this will be what makes or breaks Dilshan as captain. Fighting to be someone he isn’t to completely losing the plot to finding something in between. One thing Dilshan outwardly demands from every player on the field is a 150%. He isn’t someone who is going to sit back and let things unfold. That doesn’t become the man. He isn’t arrogant enough to not ask for his peers help. And Mahela and Sangakkara are humble enough to guide him through this transitional period. These are all great signs.

In his first year of captaincy he has already faced the no1 test side in the world at home. Now we’ve got Aus at home. SA away. Aus and India away. Then Eng at home next year. That is as rough a year as it comes. Add to this the fact that the team it self in a development phase, Dilshan’s headaches are just beginning.

In these times of unprecedented number of tests for us in the FTP, Dilshan probably isn’t even the ideal man to lead the side. Sri Lanka lies on the verge of going from an average test side to a good or even great one. There is a big chance that Dilshan might end up falling apart. And along with him, Sri Lanka. But just like every other pirate, he will probably die trying. And his merry men will be expected to do the same.

And that is all really matters. Although winning will also be good.

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