Dhoni hides from media after embarrassing loss to Sri Lanka

This is perhaps the first time that a losing skipper has avoided the post match press conference.

MS Dhoni has managed to turn even the Indian media against him after suffering one of the most embarrassing defeats in India’s ODI history.

Losing with 209 balls to spare against Sri Lanka in match five of the tri series is India’s biggest margin of defeat in terms of balls to spare.

"According to the standard procedure, the two captains should address the media within half-an-hour of the prize distribution ceremony," The Hindu reported, but Dhoni was busy with other more important matters.

The Calcutta Telegraph reports,

The convention is that the losing captain first addresses the media after the match. That didn’t happen despite repeated reminders to manager Ranjib Biswal. The players were then busy playing football.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the Indian Manager Biswal had no control of his team or his own arrogance,

Curiously, team manager Ranji Biswal was also busy doubling up as the goalkeeper and so was unable to persuade Dhoni to take media queries on apathetic performance. Repeated phone calls from reporters fell on deaf ears. “Five minutes” was the standard reply from Biswal. When the print media finally decided to boycott the conference, the matter was communicated to Biswal who said: “No problem you can go”.

And finally, when Dhoni decided the time was right, the print media gave him a dose of his own medicine.

The following is from the Times of India,

Frantic calls from Sri Lanka Cricket’s (SLC) media manager, who conducts the post-match proceedings, were treated dismissively. India’s shambolic performance ensured the match got over at 7.15 pm, and eventually Dhoni turned up at 8.45 pm, ten minutes after the international print media had got tired of waiting and walked out.

The excuse this time is: "We have time till 10.15 pm (when the match was supposed to be over officially)."

But, don’t they always have an excuse? An Indian loss is never attributed by their own media, Indian officials, Indian past players and fans to being outplayed by better opponents. Instead, it’s always an external factor out of their own control.

Ahmed Rizvi of the UAE based The National explains,

There is bound to be some complaint about the pitch over the coming days. The India team have become poor travellers and sore losers. They blamed excessive cricket and the pitch after the 200-run defeat against New Zealand.

Before the second game, Dhoni scrapped a training session because of the “poor condition” of the wickets provided. Then came the issue of Suraj Randiv’s no-ball to deny Virender Sehwag a century and India had found another issue to keep the focus away from the cricket.


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  1. For all those watching, that
    For all those watching, that useless umpire Kumar Dharmasena was MAN OF THE MATCH.. Such guys should be banned from cricket for any kind of activity

    • All you indians can do is
      All you indians can do is complain… Then what about your umpires??? Oh wait… you dont even have a umpire in the elite panel. That shows what kind of umpires you have over there. And Shewags decision was completely accurate as hawk eye showed it to be.Booo Yaa!!!

  2. Umpire Dharmasena was very
    Umpire Dharmasena was very much srilankan yesterday. If Dharmasena umpires for Sri Lankan matches, The opponent need not have to play at all. We can straight away announce Srilanka as winners. Another worst play from Lankans. Unnecessary appeals, no ethics, no humaity, no sportsmanship.

  3. Totally unprofessional
    Totally unprofessional stuff,Is Dhoni & Co paid to play Cricket or Soccer,all I can say is the timing of the two skippers shows the difference in professionalism and attitude towards the job at hand shown by the two sides.

  4. In all honesty, they should
    In all honesty, they should ban the time keeper at Rangiri Dambulla cricket grounds. If the time keeper kept accurate time MS would not have missed any scheduled meeting with the media. In 2000 april the same thing happened then the official time keeper Mr. Elara Pukeymail’s clock was off by 1 ( one) hour and 15 ( fifteen) minutes. Should ban him.

  5. Dharmasena has a very
    Dharmasena has a very inappropriate name…the A is missing at the beginning of his name…some spell checkers please.
    Umpiring is all about good jurisprudence…come on, be a sport Sri lanka…win when you deserve it, else go to sleep.

  6. There are no Indian umpires
    There are no Indian umpires in the ICC elite panel. Thats because they all suck. Dharmasena is an awesome umpire. What excuses do you have for getting allout for 88? Oh thats right.. the pitch right??

  7. Whole world knows how
    Whole world knows how Srilankans played against India in last two games. You wonder you guys supports them no matter how unfair they play, Because you are Lankans, I’m not blamming you all. If I were you, I too will find a nice reason to argue. But, As a matter of fact The attitude shown by Lankans in recent matches is not at all a good sign. We are so disappointed by this. The next team I support after India is Srilanka. We must agree that Dharmasena is totally a unqualified umpire and a dirty material, there are too many examples in the past. You as a team must maturate your sportsmanship.

  8. Hey SL dudes, chill out guys.
    Hey SL dudes, chill out guys. Your team cannot win a single Test in India. We drew the Tests 1-1 and even in the ODIs, it is 1-1 up to now. There is a reason India is ranked 1 in Tests, 2 in ODIs, while SL is …. well who cares, some lowly numbers.

  9. yes but we have beaten you in
    yes but we have beaten you in last two icc events ie 2007 worldcup in westindies and 2010 worldcup in westindies and every one knows which one is important a world cup match or a bilateral oneday or a test series

  10. Hehe st, really? Is that what
    Hehe st, really? Is that what people in SL tell themselves to think of their team as world-beaters? Forgot everything about the 350+ scores India posted against your team in World Cups in 1999 and 2003? You can’t even win the Asia Cup in home conditions! SL team of 1996 had great characters like Aravinda, Murali, Arjuna and Jayasuriya. Your team now struggles to compete even against a heavily depleted Indian side and throws childish fits like leaving byes and wides out of jealousy. First win a single Test match in India, then there will be respect for your team.

    Remember, your team is ranked whatever in Tests and ODIs for a reason. Oh wait, I think your captain Sanga already said he does not believe in those ratings since they are based on facts and require his team to actually win series.

  11. Hey u guys , cricket is only
    Hey u guys , cricket is only a game – u lose some and win some, dont give Dhoni hen u get the benefit of the decisions then all is well and good – Cricket is a great leveller and u have to accept the good with the poor and the bad

  12. Indian players are not physically fit, they play defensive game, heavily rely on two or three players to rescue them at all the time, they often get panicky, can’t play bouncy balls, don’t have the hunger to win and most importantly, they lack discipline and never die attitude! Courage and guts are not there and Indians don’t have those qualities. Gary Kirsten is now gone and he also took India’s luck and good fortune with him! Indians are literally peeing in their pants on the fields. They are spineless and hopeless as well. Gamblers game T20 (and the millions of dollars contract money) killed Indian cricket and our cricketers completely! Only God can help us now!

  13. I think it’s not just Pataudi
    I think it’s not just Pataudi but most Indians feel let down by the performance of the Indian cricket team against the English team. We knew what was in stake before start of the series therefore we should have prepared more. All the critics of the Indian team will now say that yes, India is not really the no.1 team in world and furthermore, they have achieved this status in the past due to playing in favorable home condition. Anyway, it’s too late win the test series now but I hope we can turn it around and do really well in the one day series. But the team definitely needs a confidence boost, perhaps a century from Tendulker or stronger performance in the last test match can do that. Inshallah, lets support the team.

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