Death knell of World Cricket

The time is clicking for the death knell of Cricket but death of SL cricket will be sooner.
The latest is spot fixing in IPL. If Police was involved in Srilanka cricket, the investigations would have ended in a fizzle. SriLanka is small and it is easy to overcome hurdles.And everyone knows everyone or through a 3rd party get to know.But India is so vast that familiarity is not easy. Also there is the inter state factor. Still influence is possible. Now Rauf is suspeneded as an inquiry is on. Why does the same not happen to Srinivasan? Small fry and big fry.
There have been allegations of spot fixing in SL cricket as well. But has been hidden under the carpet.An ex capatain who alleged match fixing is now silent may be the reason he has been made a permanent selector.In SL, any thing is possible.Wait for more happenings. I can see thtere will be chaos in Cricket the world over and the death knell is not far away.

Ranjan Rodrigo

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