Day 4 at stumps

Sri Lanka – par for the course

Needed to push the lead past 500. Done.

Needed to pick up at least 5 wickets for Mahela to feel like he made a good declaration. Done.

Mahela snoozed his way to 166 and Dilshan helped him self to a 40 knowing he should be dropped from the test team.

Murali helped himself to a lazy 3fer. He might not get as many in the 2nd test with Splendid returning.

Bangladesh– batting with a longer fuse.

Bangladeshi batsmen are like suicide bombers with time bombs strapped onto them.

They know they are gonna blow, just not when.

Today they came out with longer fuses. The openers were solid and the middle order got a grip and hung on well.

And Ashraful made runs, slowly, very slowly but he made made them

Sakib added some runs to add his 5fer, which was his 3rd in a row in an innings.

In the end it was a good day out for Bangladesh. Alot of people were expecting them to be rolled over by the end of the day but slow but steadily they took the game to the last day.

Play of the day
Damikka Prasads new ball spell, this guy has the potential to be the Andre Nel of Sri Lanka.

He looks like a phycho,bowled with fire and had a few things to say. Me likes.

If he had a tasche, he be a shoe in for a Lionel Richie look alike.


Bangladesh has a chance to make the loss as small as possible.

But You know all it takes is a wicket to trigger a collapse. Sri Lanka just need to be patient and bowl well. Once a wicket comes, the tail shouldn’t offer too many worries for them.

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