Day 1 at stumps

Sri Lanka – angry sex and threesome’s

When I switched on the TV it was 7-2 yesterday, I was about to write Vandorts death sentence when I realised he wasn’t playing.

Shit, So Sanga must be out because Mahela and Warnapura were at the crease.

No, apparently some people thought it would be fun to send out Prasanna to open when he can barely bat at no6.

Sangakkara paid for trying to see how big a gap he can have between bat and ball and actually connect with the ball.

Mahela was batting like he meant it, he was needling runs to square leg and calling ‘one’ for everyone to hear. Then he got a pearl from young Sakib and that was that.

Then lunch was taken.

After that, it seemed like we had entered a parallel universe where test cricket was played like a 2020 game.

Dilshan was like a man possessed, after a scratchy start, he decided Bangladesh was the worst team in the world and he was going to have his way with them.

It was like watching someone have angry sex, it was violent and rough, but Ohh so good and satisfying.

Kapugedara then decided he wanted in and Bangladesh, Dilshan and Kapu ended up having a threesome.

A few months ago Bangladesh scored 185 runs in a day against NZ, SL scored that in a session.

Bangladesh – kittens can roar too.

SO they can.

Mortaza was at his best with the new ball, nipping it around at decent pace.

And I have to say, they do like to get excited a bit when they nab a wicket don’t they. Rightfully so.

The hairballs were pulled out and the kittens were roaring at 70 odd for 4.

Unfortunately for them, Bangladesh still dont know how to cut the jugular with the knife pressed against a teams neck. Somehow they let it slip and fall.

Dropped catches are a sin and you will go to hell for it. Everyone knows that. So 4 chances in the space of a session means Bangladeshi fielders will burn. And burn bad.

When Dilshan was butchering his way to century, Ashraful once again was timid, not that he could ever do anything when a batsmen was in that mood but he dint try anything. Was happy to put the fielders back and wait for a mistake.

In the end it was ANOTHER day where Bangladesh were on top but let it slip.

The story is just too familiar now.

Finding their balls moment.

Tilekaratne Dilshan. 162 in 165 at 98. Enough said.

Play of the day.

Sakib had appealed, thought he had been turned down, and decided to curse Braindead-Bucknor with his hands on head.

With his back turned to Braindead-Bucknor, Sakib dint see the umpire raise his index after what seemed like lifetime.

It was a weird moment and Sakib had every right to annoyed and gave Mahela a royal send off for not walking.

It was made even more weird because no conclusive replay were shown on the incident.

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