Darrel Hair loosing the plot; Still thinks Murali chucks!

Disgraced Australian Cricket umpire Hair has taken his gripe with the ICC one step further by directing a low blow at Test cricket’s highest wicket taker, and soon to be highest ODI wicket taker Murali.

"He throws. I don’t have any doubt about it", Hair said a day after Muralitharan equalled Akram’s achievement, adding that he no longer follows the Sri Lankans career.

"I have other things to look out for," exclaimed Hair. – Cricket365

This may well signal the mental state Darrel Hair is in, considering the ICC sanctioned study on Murali’s bowling action took place in Australia.

The test were conducted by neutral bio-mechanics experts of Australian origin. It was Hair’s own country men that presented overwhelming evidence in favour of Murali which led the ICC to clear him.

Umpire Hair was the first umpire to have called Murali for chucking.

I believe Hair’s action – in one over – took the development of world cricket back by ten years – Don Bradman.

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