Critical Analysis of the Sri Lanka Vs Ireland T20 Game

As far as i am concerned the above game has only gone on to highlight our weaknesses in the modern day game more than really highlighting our brilliance against weak cricketing nations such as Ireland or Bangladesh. 

As we all know Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first on a relatively good batting track. Which no doubt was a very positive way to go about things. But what happened after that is all history and a very good eye opener for our selection committee and our cricket administration. First of all let me highlight our batting weaknesses.

Sending Dilshan to open with Jayasuriya obviously has more positives than negatives and has no doubt brought a new dimension to the way Dilshan approaches the new ball bowlers which is rather refreshing as we all knew the talent this bloke always had. But what concerns me the most is the fact once these two power hitters end up in the dugout we are more or less left without any power hitters in the middle order to help bolster our batting in the last 5 over’s. Up until now Sri Lanka has not been able to find a good Number 6 batsman to replace the likes of Mahanama or Arnold .

Obviously this role requires a inform batsman with a terrific eye and a good skill to hit the ball around and get us the much needed boost in the latter order which players like Albie Morkel for South Africa or Andrew Symonds for Australia keep on producing . We have tried the likes of Chamara Silva, Jehan Mubarak and even Maharoof but not too much of success has come through.

Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekara and Ajantha Mendis in England for the ICC T20 Wrold Cup 2009I feel we need to look elsewhere and give may be Indika De Saram a chance rather than letting him rut in the dugout and have a holiday in England.  Or the alternative is to actually look out for a player may be in first class cricket  circle who is a clean hitter of the ball and nurture him and break him in to the side in the lesser known games so that he gets a feel for it.

The Next area which is of grave concern for me really was finding a good consistent bowler to support the likes of Murali, Malinga and Mendis. We have once again tried the likes of Kulasekera (with a bit of success) and Isuru Udana (good slower ball and a good cricket brain but  no variety at all) through this T20 WC but I am sure all of us can agree these two bowlers are really mediocre  when it comes to bowling in the depth over’s when we really need to strangle the opposition batting.  

I was quite shocked at how Sanga threw the ball at Kulasekera rather than giving the ever green Jayasuriya who would have been a better choice with his varied selection of the faster Yorker and the leg cutter he bowls so accurately. But i am sure Sanga had his reasons to have given Kulasekera the ball but what happened there after is merely history yet again.  I am sure may have really highlighted the obvious reasons and the obvious flaws in our current t20 squad in this article but i am sure these are some of the flaws we need to look at even while playing good opposition in test and one day cricket alike. As we cannot always expect the top order to fire or expect the Malinga’s,Murali’s and the Mendis’s to deliver all the time.


Navin De Alwis


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  1. Sri Lankan cricket team seems
    Sri Lankan cricket team seems the balanced team of this tournament. They are performing well in every game. They are formidable cricket team. Now, India has been eliminated from T20 World Cup. So, I will support Sri Lanka team. I wish they will be the champion of this tournament. They have already ensured their place in the semi-final round.

  2. Your right Navin. Welcome to
    Your right Navin. Welcome to Island Cricket BTW. Great first post!

    The batting keeps on failing us. IF DIlshan or Sanath go, then you cant expect much from the rest. Has been the case for several years now. We are indeed stuck in that 90’s mentality of the openers getting a good start. Only now our middle order doesn’t carry on like the 90’s.

  3. Hi,
    First time poster but


    First time poster but long time reader. First of all I think Navin is a bit biased. I have first hand knowledge that he is a relative of Indika De Saram and his article has no actual facts behind it.

    I say bring back Aravinda and my big mate Arjuna!


    • Thanks Amal Mehta from
      Thanks Amal Mehta from Unisys Brisbane aka Borat Kumar. i am sure you are still sulking on the fact that india lost.. i feel your pain bro.. after all you are still on anual leaving thinking you would be watching the indians in the finals of the T20 WC.haha..

  4. sri lanka cricket team is
    sri lanka cricket team is having a time of there lives with the new captain in kumar sangakkara.some pionts to ponder on the sri lankan weakness is fine they play as a team and win matches but players who dont preform should be left out and not keep giving them chances over and over again coz the more you keep doing it the player who is failing will take things for granted thinkig i wont be dropped and the difference in droping a player as soon as he fails one match is the player concern who was dropeed goes all out to come to the team and for him to return to the team he got to play the way the team wants.The present thing with the sri lankan team for a example is chamara silve keeps failing and he manages to be in the sri lankan playing xi.why not give a chance to Maharoof or indika de seram than giving chances to a player who keeps failing every match he playes.

  5. I am very passionate of Sri
    I am very passionate of Sri Lankan cricket as we all sri lankans are, why dont the sri lankan Team managemant get there act together to have a policy to drop a player if he fails one or 2 matches the least without playing him over and over again. i have noticed the middle order of the sri lankan team is not doing there job.we need sana and dilshan to get a good start coz if not the rest of the batting line up is all gone.those days way back we had Gurusinghe,Aravinda,Roshan Mahanama,Hashan,to back the batting line up and even if the top 3 or 4 batsman gets out yet the lankan team goes on to post a good score.what i have notice in the middle order batting line up of the sri lankan cricket team is they are not syre of there profile coming in to playing a match and if they have any preasure to preform coz there is no intrest by the middle order of the sri lankan team to guide the lankan team to a good score.sri lankan team can be much greater team if they can get there middle order organized for the sake of the team and for cricket in sri lanka.for sure sri lanka cricket has talent its just that we got to feed them for the bigger stage.

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