Continuity should prevail, Sri Lanka have not fared that badly

So, we have finished three tough tours. We barely lost to England in England and when you see the way the Indians and the English are getting thrashed by two other teams that we lost to, I don’t think that even the most die-hard critic can say that we did too badly.

I am not talking of this modern generation (post 1986) cricket fan. I am talking of us old stagers who have watched Sri Lanka lose time and time again but who never lost faith, or the clear belief, that we had the talent to produce a champion side one day and furthermore sustain those standards over time. I repeat: WE DIDN’T DO TOO BADLY!

Duleep Mendis and his selection panel was a disaster, and anyone could do better. Unfortunately, "anyone" seems to have been chosen but we won the first two matches on their watch and maybe at least the luck has changed. Mendis should not be retained in any shape or form, and making him team manager (a suggestion I saw mooted in some newspapers) will do irreparable damage at this stage.

Sacking Marsh is a ridiculous decision and it reeks of the type of immature decisions taken by politicians who are not experienced enough, or educated enough, to be fully aware of the ramifications that this kind of "knee jerk" reaction will bring on our country and her cricket. The writer pleads in advance from the international fraternity to make allowance for uneducated thugs who think they are "Alan Border’s" when not being fit to even clean that worthies boots. I sincerely hope that sanity will prevail and Marsh is retained in some capacity, or another, in case this stupid decision has been ratified.

Going back to Mahela captaining the team is another no brainer. It is a "safe" decision, made by people trying to protect their posteriors during a brief tenure of office. They lack the knowledge, foresight and even the intelligence to seek counsel and either retain Dilshan or appoint a captain with the future in mind. The damage has been done! Dilshan was not leadership material but since he has been the captain for a while now he has learn’t on the job and there little or no more damage that can be done.

We may be spared this decision by the fact that Mahela has injured his back. At least the Gods’ of cricket would have been benevolent, if this is the case.

Of course Sanga is not being considered because of his Cowdrey memorial lecture. Petty egos have been damaged and vengence at all costs is the only remedy for such offenses on morons of this caliber.

In conclusion, we cricket fans have no one to appeal to. Even the supreme authority is being guided by Sanath Jayasuriya whose activities have more than contributed to the present situation. The true potential of the Matara muddler (off the field) are coming out now.

Duleep Mendis and Sanath Jayasuriya are two clear examples that cricket superstars do not make good administrators and often lack even basic intelligence!

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