Chill people! It’s a game of cricket!

This is a game of cricket and teams will win and loose! Yes the loss was disappointing but this is at the end of the day a game and we should start being petty about a loss.

The game had it’s negatives but I also saw something I have seen increasingly over the last couple of months in Australia and ever since. This positive attitude to strive to do the best. It’s a good attitude and I’m glad that even towards the end, there was some fight left in the boys. 11 runs in a high octane chase after being 96/4 against probably 1 of the best 3 bowling attacks (the others being Sri Lanka and South Africa for variety) is pretty impressive. 

There was fight from the bowlers in the end and also some positives. Samaraweera and Mahela were done with really good balls. The only wicket I was disappointed was with Tharanga. Everyone else got out trying to hit out.

We do need to improve, especially in the middle overs and also ensuring that there are no major collapses like against Pakistan. Matthews moving up the order is a must. Also Thisara should continue to play I think even if Malinga comes back. Dilshan and Samaraweera should bowl a few overs as well to let Matthews to bowl a little bit less. 

Anyhow, at the end of the day people…believe…win or lose…this is the team that brings us smiles and joy. I’m sure all the people coming up with all sorts of comments over the last 2 days are also the people who probably praised them over the last couple of months (you know who you are).

Well at the end of the day I think this is perfect that this happened now. Good wake up call. I wish the boys all the best and they are human too…so give them a break.

We owe it to them that they are playing for us and putting up with all the crap we give them.

Wish them luck.

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