Chetan Chauhan still insists the Sri Lankans chickened out

An unrepentant Chetan Chauhan, the vice president of the Delhi and District Cricket Association, still insists that the pitch wasn’t dangerous.

Despite a damning report from the ICC match referee Alan Hurst, who deemed the pitch unfit, Chauhan still insists the Sri Lankan team chickened out.

Singing the same tune is the former BCCI Pitches and Grounds Committee chairman Daljit Singh.

"It (the pitch) wasn’t the worst wicket in the world. It was not the best of pitches but I don’t understand the reason behind the match being abandoned," Sing told PTI.

It wasn’t just the Sri Lankan team, the ICC, or match referee Alan Hurst who thought the pitch was dangerous. Indian skipper MS Dhoni too has gone on record saying the pitch was bad.

Dhoni told The Hindu that the wicket was indeed bad. A quote below,

"If you look at my career, you will see this was the only abandoned match that I have been part of. It was certainly not a good wicket. So the match referee decided to abandon the match in consultation with the two teams. Now it is upto the ICC to decide on the issue."

Would you believe that even Indian opening batsman Gautham Gambhir has told the media that the wicket was bad, and that Hurst made the right call?

Watch the video below from TimesNow TV. Chauhan still insists the wicket wasn’t bad. He claims he resigned from his post due to a moral obligation. He still insists the wicket was OK and the Lankans chickened out.

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