Captain against Australia : a wise decision is due

 Critics often said that in subcontinent, there is no guarantee of your place in sports; either you are a player, coach or administrator. You are at the top one day and other day could easily find yourself in a dustbin. It’s the nature of Asian sports. And now, its look likes that just two month old captain of srilanka cricket team, tilakaratne dilshan will have to face same kind of situation. Recently, SLC announced pool of possible twenty players for one day and twenty-20 against mighty Australia. And they have thrown many surprises. Biggest surprise is that- there in no official captain yet.
Dilshan led brilliantly, especially in test matches, with a fractured thumb and great courage. Though, his form in one day matches was pathetic and same was his behavior. Specially, when young Angelo Mathews was allowing his junior partner dinesh chandimal to get his hundred in lords, dilshan was acting like an English captain. So, obvious thinking is that, if selectors delayed the appointment of captain, it might be related with dilshan’s showing in lord’s balcony. Remember, same situation was created, when dilshan had returned after winning a tournament from Zimbabwe last year. At that time also, there were some behavior issues with dilshan.
So, maybe its time to a new captain. Maybe selectors are thinking seriously about Angelo Mathews. And if it’s right, selectors should go forward with their thinking. As they already made a surprise, and wise too, by ignoring out dated thilina kandamby. So, one can expect a wise decision from selectors this time as well. So, finger crossed!

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