Bayliss hoping for the best

There is something distinctively different about Sri Lanka’s head coach, Trevor Bayliss. There’s something there that you don’t typically see in other coaches.

With Trevor you know there is no sugar coated prep talk, or psychological warfare. When he addresses the media, it’s just simple talk. He says exactly as he feels.

When asked what he thought of the ongoing Test match, and the fact that India had a lead of over 300 runs, Bayliss told the media, "from a win point of view, it just doesn’t look right at the moment."

He went on to say that Sri Lanka’s top order needed to score runs and he was sure they were capable of it.

Doesn’t sound so "sure" does it?

Here’s more:

"The guys tried most things, different fields, bowling different sides of the wicket but [no matter] where they put the ball he [Sehwag] was skillful enough to put it away into the gaps. It was one of those days you needed 20 fielders out there."

It looked a lot more like they tried everything all in one over!

Trevor Bayliss
Trevor Bayliss [with flowers] pictured here talking to the press at the Toronto International Airport in October 2008. Photo: Hilal Suhaib/Island Cricket.

Just as in the 2nd Test, where Sri Lanka allowed India to score 400 in a day, Sri Lanka allowed India to take control of the entire match in just two session. The same mistakes were repeated. They were bowling on both sides of the wicket. A half volley was dished out every over, or a short and wide delivery every over.

How about the dropped chances? Sehwag was dropped twice on his way to 293.

Sangakkara’s game plan is brilliant for India

When an attacking batsman like Sehwag goes after your bowling, it’s backward to just spread the field far and wide and hope for the best. That’s just giving him a lot more gaps to work with. How often have Sri Lanka’s deep fielders taken a catch off Sehwag? The man times it so sweetly it sails in to the stands.

For me, Murali was not brought on quickly enough. When the opening bowlers are getting collared, there’s no use bringing on Herath the finger spinner. You have a wily magician in your ranks who may just give you the break through. By the time Murali gets a a bowl, Sehwag and his partner have their eye in and the field spread far and wide. Just works really well for India.

Having failed on the field, Sri Lanka’s captain now has to come up with the goods with the bat. Slated to come in at the fall of the first wicket, Sanga will need to play out of his skin if Sri Lanka are to salvage this match. The rest of the top order too need to make significant contributions to save this game. That’s what makes the task that much harder. India look favourites to wrap this up 2-0, but strange things happen in this great game.

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