“Batting let us down” – Kumar Sangakkara

In an audio interview with BBC Sport Kumar Sangakkara stated that Sri Lanka’s batting let them down in the Twenty20 World Cup final at Lords today.

" Maybe with our batting? A few wrong options at the wrong time," said Sangakkara when asked to pin point where it went wrong in the Final. Sri Lanka changed it’s batting order sending Jehan Mubarak at number three.

Yet again a tough call on Mubarak who has faced this situation numerous times in his career. In all fairness to Jehan Mubarak, since his debut he has been thrown into the deep end on numerous occasions. Throughout this tournament he batted in the lower middle order position and found himself thrown in at number three in an all important high pressure final.

In the 2003 ODI World Cup in South Africa, a young Mubarak was facing the Aussie pacemen in a similar situation. The public tends to remember his failures and not the injustice he has faced at the hands of team Sri Lanka.

It’s only another nine months for the next Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. Sangakkara says the team will look to put this behind them and hopefully come back with a bang in April 2010.

Click here for the full audio interview on BBC

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