Aussie Louts

Did you watch Shaun Tate mouthing off at Taylor the Zim opener (Tait had just bowled him with a peach of yorker and Taylor had given a decent account of himself before that) telling him to F— Off after he had bowled him?

Did you watch Ponting swearing in the most horrible manner after he got run out to a brilliant throw?

Unfortunately for those guys, the camera had a close up of their faces when they swore!

I have two problems with this :

Is this the way to behave on the field? After all, there are youngsters watching these so called heroes (I never accept that a mere sportsman is a HERO but be that as it is) and this type of behavior will be the norm.

(b) Isn’t watching cricket a family past time? What do you do when the camera makes it impossible to deny the language being used? I guess one option is to teach the meaning and usage clearly to your children?

I come from an era when you acknowledged (on the filed) a good delivery that was bowled to you, or a brilliant catch that was taken when you were batting. Why do we have allow the opposite now?

Since these players get so much attention due to TV coverage and get paid so much, shouldn’t they get fined for this type of behavior?

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