Attitudes in cricket

Watching Kallis bowling bouncers at Dilhara Fernando ( a no 11 batter if ever there was one ! ) presumably because Kaliis was struck on the helmet by a bouncer from Dilhara, in the first test.

The way Dale Steyn ( no 1 ranked fast bowler in the world) provoked a 21 year old debutant ( Chandimal ) on the filed, the fact that 140kmph bouncers were employed to get rid of numbers 9,10 and 11 in the Sri Lankan batting line up, leaves me wondering on two issues :

(a) Is this what South African cricket has become ? All the worst traits of the Australians being used in an attempt to bring ruthlessness and remove the choker tag from their game ?

If so it is sad and the game will lose.

Such a multi talented side doesn’t need to "blacken their name" and reputation by resorting to tactics like this. If they play the game as well as they can, they should be able to trash any side in the world today. Complicating matters mentally is probably a reason for under-performance.

(b) Since the on field umpires role is being reduced due to DRS, can’t they at least ensure that the game is played in the true spirit ? If not remove the on field umpires and let total mayhem prevail with probably physical assaults taking over from the mostly unchecked verbal assaults that are happening.

This is the type of issue that needs addressing by the ICC and the match referees instead of looking at ways of making more and more money and taking the game away from the fans and spectators !

In contrast, read this :

This is what I go on and on about. Our brand of cricket….it is as unique as that of the Caribbeans and should not be corrupted , in every sense of the word !

Simply aping the Australians or (God forbid) the English, even if it brings more regular victories, is not what playing this supreme sport is about.

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