Attackers of Sri Lankan team bus could face hate crime charges in Canada

The York regional police will be conducting investigations into an incident which took place in King city, Ontario. The tour bus which was transporting the Sri Lankan cricket team was pelted with stones and eggs by a group considered to be members of the Tamil Tigers. The Tigers are banned by the Canadian government as a terrorist organisation.

“We are going to investigate to the fullest extent possible what transpired there,” said Police Chief Armand La Barge. “There was an open display of LTTE, or Tamil Tiger flags,” he added.

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Tamil Tigers in support of a banned terrorist organisation in King City, ON
                                                                                             © Ashani Jayasinghe


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  1. To deter future terrorist

    To deter future terrorist supportes intending on distrupting sporting or any events for propaganda purposes to promote a criminal organisation and terrorism, hope  Canadian authorities will follow this up properly.

  2. Good to hear this vile act
    Good to hear this vile act will be pursued and those guilty punished. The SL Management as usual made no big deal but in everyway this subhuman terror group need to be stopped. I look forward to the convictions, for assault, vandalism as well as supporting terrorism.

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