At least SLC has a sense of humor!

Here are some of the jokes they have made in the past couple of days:

“As you are aware that SLC is managed by office bearers and Executive Committee elected by member clubs/associations and we are answerable to public in every aspect of cricket.”Letter from SLC to Sangakara

To say they have been elected is funny because some of these members were “God sent” and did not even have to compete for their posts lol. It is also funny that they say they are answerable to the public, but we hardly get an acceptable answer..heheheheeeeee. But wait, they only acknowledge that they have to answer. Not if those answers must be right, wrong, good or bad.

“We are, as guardians of Sri Lanka Cricket, are of the firm opinion that we must select the best team for any cricket match or tournament. With this duty in our mind, for the best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket tournament”
Letter from SLC to Sangakara

Now that is really funny because “Guardians” are supposed to guard, protect and preserve what has been placed in their care. For this group of SLC officials to call themselves that is indeed hilarious! Oh, and isn’t the ‘selecting’ part up to the selectors? Or maybe these guys call themselves selectors because they did select Ramith Rambukewella!! Good job guys!! It is so funny that these officials even can pretend that acting in the ‘best interest of Sri Lanka Cricket’ has been a duty they’ve full filled.

“As you are fully aware Nishantha was unanimously elected as the Secretary of SLC at the last AGM held in March this year and commands the respect of the entire membership at Sri Lanka Cricket.” Letter from SLC to Sangakara

Aiyooo….”God sent” guardians don’t have to be elected. All that is needed is to scare off anyone else who dares to contest lol. Now the part where the entire membership’s respect for the secretary is mentioned is also funny because of course the entire membership is part of the family lol While they have kept us entertained as of late, one of the best jokes from SLC cricket actually comes from last year:

"Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has admitted that Carlton Sports Network (CSN), who it awarded television rights to for three years, is owned by Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s sons. However, president of SLC Upali Dharmadasa told BBC Sinhala the cricket board did not award CSN local television rights to broadcast cricket matches because the channel was owned by the president’s sons. "Are we supposed to reject a company because it is an organization owned by the president’s sons," Dharmadasa asked.” – a report by Saroj Pathirana

Of course the TV deal had nothing to do with the owners’ relationship to the president – LOL!

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