Asalanka the newest to follow the path of Ian Daniels, B Rajapaksa, Yashoda Lanka etc.

I really don't understand what's the issue. When they played for National U19, it was inevitable they had the class and potential for be the next big thing. After their U19 stint, all of them have started their first class careers with dominant performance. How ever after few games they began to fade away and ultimately ended up having below average stats under their profiles.

It seems like Charith Asalanka is the newest to join the club, He started his first class career with good innings but after about dozen of games he is struggling to score runs. Do you have any idea why this happens?

Bhanuka and Yashoda have been criticised for their lack of commitment. But don't you think there could be something beyond that?

Is it the frustration that they are not being fast-tracked to the national team with accordance to the hype created around their U19 days or they get lost in the  substandard domestic arena ?

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